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Title: Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Author: Doreen Rappaport
Title: Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?, Author: Bonnie Bader
Title: Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Author: Russell Freedman
Title: I am Martin Luther King, Jr., Author: Brad Meltzer
Title: Who Was Rosa Parks?, Author: Yona Zeldis McDonough
Title: I Have a Dream, Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
Title: The Story of Ruby Bridges, Author: Robert Coles
Title: I Am Ruby Bridges, Author: Ruby Bridges
Title: What Is the Civil Rights Movement?, Author: Sherri L. Smith
Title: My Little Golden Book About Martin Luther King Jr., Author: Bonnie Bader
Title: Let the Children March, Author: Monica Clark-Robinson
Title: I am Rosa Parks, Author: Brad Meltzer
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Title: Who Was Coretta Scott King?, Author: Gail Herman
Title: The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist, Author: Cynthia Levinson
Title: Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My True Story, Author: Ruby Bridges
Title: She Persisted: Ruby Bridges, Author: Kekla Magoon
Title: Martin Luther King, Jr. (National Geographic Readers Series), Author: Kitson Jazynka
Title: This Is Your Time, Author: Ruby Bridges
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Title: My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Author: Martin Luther King III
Title: The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights, Author: Steve Sheinkin

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