Title: Histories, Author: Herodotus
Title: The Peloponnesian War, Author: Thucydides
Title: The Expedition of Cyrus, Author: Xenophon
Title: The Peloponnesian War / Edition 1, Author: Thucydides
Title: Philip II of Macedonia, Author: Ian Worthington
Title: Socrates and Alcibiades: Four Texts: Plato's Alcibiades I & II, Symposium (212c-223a), Aeschines' Alcibiades / Edition 1, Author: David Johnson
Title: Warfare and Agriculture in Classical Greece, Revised edition / Edition 1, Author: Victor Davis Hanson
Title: Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army / Edition 1, Author: Donald W. Engels
Title: The Hellenistic World: Using Coins as Sources, Author: Peter Thonemann
Title: On the War for Greek Freedom: Selections from the Histories / Edition 1, Author: Herodotus
Title: The Athenian Empire / Edition 1, Author: Russell Meiggs
Title: Warfare in Ancient Greece: A Sourcebook / Edition 1, Author: Michael Sage
Title: War, Democracy and Culture in Classical Athens, Author: David M. Pritchard
Title: Herodotus: Persian Wars: A Companion to the Penguin Translation of Histories V-IX, Author: Herodotus
Title: Thucydides, Pericles, and Periclean Imperialism, Author: Edith Foster
Title: Thucydides Book I: A Students' Grammatical Commentary / Edition 1, Author: Howard Don Cameron
Title: Alexander the Great, Author: Cambridge University Press
Title: Greek and Roman Military Writers: Selected Readings / Edition 1, Author: Brian Campbell
Title: Peace and Reconciliation in the Classical World / Edition 1, Author: E. P. Moloney
Title: The Peloponnesian War / Edition 1, Author: Professor J F Lazenby

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