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Title: Greek Lives, Author: Plutarch
Title: Socrates and Alcibiades: Four Texts: Plato's Alcibiades I & II, Symposium (212c-223a), Aeschines' Alcibiades / Edition 1, Author: David Johnson
Title: Philip II of Macedonia, Author: Ian Worthington
Title: Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army / Edition 1, Author: Donald W. Engels
Title: Olympias: Mother of Alexander the Great / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth  Carney
Title: Into the Land of Bones: Alexander the Great in Afghanistan / Edition 1, Author: Frank L. Holt
Title: The Greco-Persian Wars / Edition 1, Author: Peter Green
Title: Alexander the Great in His World / Edition 1, Author: Carol G. Thomas
Title: Lives, Volume III: Pericles and Fabius Maximus. Nicias and Crassus, Author: Plutarch
Title: Slaves, Warfare, and Ideology in the Greek Historians, Author: Peter Hunt
Title: Alexander The Great: Selections from Arrian, Diodorus, Plutarch, and Quintus Curtius / Edition 1, Author: James  Romm
Title: Alexander the Great / Edition 2, Author: Richard Stoneman
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Title: Greek People / Edition 4, Author: Robert Kebric
Title: Herodotus: Book VI / Edition 1, Author: E.I. McQueen
Title: Tales from Herodotus / Edition 1, Author: Herodotus
Title: Book 1 / Edition 1, Author: Herodotus
Title: Herodotus and Sima Qian: The First Great Historians of Greece and China: A Brief History with Documents / Edition 1, Author: Thomas R. Martin
Title: Justin: Epitome of The Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus: Volume I: Books 11-12: Alexander the Great, Author: Justin
Title: Herodotus and the Origins of the Political Community: Arion`s Leap, Author: Norma Thompson
Title: Arrian: Alexander the Great: Selections from Arrian, Author: Arrian

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