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Title: How To Treat Palmoplantar Pustulosis Naturally: Put Your PPP In Remission And Get Your Life Back!, Author: Åsa Kärrman
Title: Santa, Why do you come on Jesus' Birthday?, Author: Kimberle A. Daniels
Title: Refugiado, Author: Alan Gratz
Title: Um Pedacinho do Céu, Author: Julia Quinn
Title: Os Diários Secretos de Miss Miranda Cheever, Author: Julia Quinn
Title: Num Instante Tudo Muda, Author: Suzanne Redfearn
Title: Entrapment, Author: Ronald D. Sulfaro
Title: What a Way to Make a Living, Author: Franklin R. Jackes
Title: Mariana, Author: Susanna Kearsley
Title: Ligeiramente escandalosa (Slightly Scandalous), Author: Mary Balogh
#3 in Series
Title: Romance Acidental, Author: Martha Woodroof
Title: PLP 9 Patterns, Licks & Phrases (Assorted II), Author: Allan B. Hill
#1 in Series
Title: A Magnífica Sophy, Author: Georgette Heyer
Title: A Duquesa Acidental, Author: Madeline Hunter
Title: O Senhor dos Pássaros, Author: Álvaro Magalhães
Title: A Magia do Acaso, Author: Tiago Rebelo
Title: Language and Communication, Author: Michael Shaw Findlay
Title: O Grande Bazar e outras histórias, Author: Peter V. Brett
Title: Crimes of Passion, Author: Azerline Wilson
Title: O Rapaz no Cimo da Montanha, Author: John Boyne

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