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Title: The Rope Holder, Author: Carmela Hornick
Title: Neuromancer, Author: William Gibson
Title: Santa, Why do you come on Jesus' Birthday?, Author: Kimberle A. Daniels
Title: Mariana, Author: Susanna Kearsley
Title: Church Nurse, Author: Juanita Crawford
Title: Guncle: As Regras do Tio, Author: Steven Rowley
Title: Mr. Vertigo, Author: Paul Auster
Title: Madre Paula, Author: Patrícia Müller
Title: Lições de Química, Author: Bonnie Garmus
Title: Lady Whistledown Contra-Ataca, Author: Suzanne Enoch
Title: A Melodia do Adeus, Author: Nicholas Sparks
Title: Through the Gates: Those Who Stand, Author: Randy M Stone
Title: His Strength For My Weakness, Author: Linda Hunt
Title: One Year in Devotional Studies, Author: Reverend Gregory L. Williamson
Title: Pimping God's Word: The Rise and Fall of Pastor N.O. Goode, Author: Brother James
Title: O Bruxo, Author: Michael Scott
Title: The Sixth World of Men, Author: Walter E. Mark
Title: Correr Não é Para Meninas, Author: Alexandra Heminsley
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Title: The Way Out is...Through: God is with you in your wilderness experience, Author: L. T. Willis
Title: Um Amor Incondicional, Author: Francine Rivers

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