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Title: A way of life; an address to Yale students Sunday evening, April 20th, 1913, Author: Sir William Osler
Title: How To Use The Microscope; Being Practical Hints On The Selection And Use Of That Instrument, Intended For Beginners, Author: John Phin
Title: Lady Windermere's Fan, Author: Oscar Wilde
Title: Here Lies; Being A Collection Of Ancient And Modern, Humorous And Queer Inscriptions From Tombstones, Author: W. H. Howe
Title: An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, Author: John Henry Newman
Title: A dictionary of the Gaelic language, in two parts. 1. Gaelic and English. - 2. English and Gaelic, Author: Norman MacLeod
Title: In Brightest Africa, Author: Carl Ethan Akeley
Title: The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson, Author: Robert Southey
Title: Lives of the Cambro British saints, of the fifth and immediate succeeding centuries, from ancient Welsh & Latin mss. in the British Museum and elsewhere, with English translations and explanatory notes, Author: W. J. Rees
Title: The Irvines And Their Kin. A History Of The Irvine Family And Their Descendants, Author: Mrs. L. Boyd
Title: Introduction to the mathematical theory of the conduction of heat in solids, Author: H. S. Carslaw
Title: Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest, Author: Ragnar Redbeard
Title: The story of a Pilgrim family. From the Mayflower to the present time; with autobiography, recollections, letters, incidents, and genealogy of the author, Rev. John Alden, in his 83d year, Author: John Alden
Title: Reflections on violence, Author: Georges Sorel
Title: Historical Map Of Pennsylvania. Showing The Indian Names Of Streams, And Villages, And Paths Of Travel; The Sites Of Old Forts And Battle-Fields; The Successive Purchases From The Indians; And The Names And Dates Of Counties And County Towns; With Tables, Author: P. W. Sheafer
Title: Einstein's theory of relativity, Author: Max Born
Title: Bradford's history of Plymouth plantation, 1606-1646, Author: William Bradford
Title: A practical course in wooden boat and ship building, the fundamental principles and practical methods described in detail, especially written for carpenters and other woodworkers who desire to engage in boat or ship building, and as a textbook for schoo, Author: Richard M. Van Gaasbeek
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Title: The poetic Edda, Author: Henry Adams Bellows
Title: Practical anatomy of the rabbit; an elementary laboratory textbook in mammalian anatomy, Author: B. A. Bensley

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