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Title: Advances in Applied Social Psychology: Volume 1 / Edition 1, Author: R. F. Kidd
Title: Memory and Testimony in the Child Witness, Author: Maria Zaragoza
Title: Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2 / Edition 1, Author: Yossef S. Ben-Porath
Title: Women and Men in Organizations: Sex and Gender Issues at Work / Edition 1, Author: Jeanette N. Cleveland
Title: Assessment Centers in Human Resource Management: Strategies for Prediction, Diagnosis, and Development, Author: George C. Thornton III
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Title: Defending Standardized Testing / Edition 1, Author: Richard Phelps
Title: The Employee-Organization Relationship: Applications for the 21st Century, Author: Lynn M. Shore
Title: Work and Family: An International Research Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Steven A.Y. Poelmans
Title: How Groups Encourage Misbehavior, Author: Kevin Murphy
Title: Heavy Work Investment: Its Nature, Sources, Outcomes, and Future Directions, Author: Itzhak Harpaz
Title: Diversity Ideologies in Organizations, Author: Kecia M. Thomas
Title: Bullying in the Workplace: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies, Author: John Lipinski
Title: Pathways to Outstanding Leadership: A Comparative Analysis of Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Leaders / Edition 1, Author: Michael D. Mumford
Title: Leadership Development: Paths To Self-insight and Professional Growth / Edition 1, Author: Manuel London
Title: Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment / Edition 1, Author: Ronald K. Hambleton
Title: Advances in Applied Social Psychology: Volume 1, Author: R. F. Kidd
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Title: Stress and Human Performance / Edition 1, Author: James E. Driskell
Title: Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Author: Laura Koppes Bryan
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Title: Personnel Selection and Assessment: Individual and Organizational Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Heinz Schuler
Title: The Power of Feedback: Giving, Seeking, and Using Feedback for Performance Improvement, Author: Manuel London

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