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Title: Girl out of Place, Author: Syl van Duyn
Title: Unravelling Women's Art: Creators, Rebels, & Innovators in Textile Arts, Author: P.L. Henderson
Title: A Guide to UK Theatre for Young Audiences, Author: Paul Harman
Title: Not A Number: Patrick McGoohan - a life., Author: Rupert Booth
Title: Lysistrata: The Sex Strike, Author: Germaine Greer
Title: Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema, Author: Cheryl Robson
Title: Votes For Women and Other Plays, Author: Susan Croft
Title: Erik and the Gods: Journey to Valhalla, Author: Lars-Henrik Olsen
Title: Hairvolution: Her Hair, Her Story, Our History, Author: Saskia Calliste
Title: 50 Women in the Blues, Author: Jennifer Noble
Title: Harvest, Author: Manjula Padmanabhan
Title: The Emperor and the Nightingale, Author: Neil Duffield
Title: How Maxine Learned to Love Her Legs, Author: Sarah Le Fanu
Title: Counterculture UK: A Celebration, Author: Rebecca Gillieron
Title: Pomegranate Sky, Author: Louise Soraya Black
Title: Sleeping Beauty, Author: Matthew Beames
Title: The Snow Queen, Author: Neil Duffield
Title: Cinderella, Author: Matt Beames
Title: Plays for Young People, Author: Charles Way
Title: In the Scene: Jane Campion, Author: Ellen Cheshire

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