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Title: The Magic of Love, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: The Rake and the Wallflower [Seabrook Trilogy Book 2], Author: Allison Lane
Title: Midnight Masquerade, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Lavender Lady, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: The Colonial Upstart, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: The Notorious Widow [Seabrook Trilogy Book 1], Author: Allison Lane
Title: Rose Trelawney, Author: Joan Smith
Title: The Prodigal Daughter, Author: Allison Lane
Title: Red, Red Rose, Author: Marjorie Farrell
Title: Alicia, Author: Laura Matthews
Title: The Reckless Barrister, Author: April Kihlstrom
Title: Hidden Inheritance, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Angel, Author: Carola Dunn
Title: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: The Unexpected Wife, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: The Beleaguered Earl, Author: Allison Lane
Title: A Bond of Honour, Author: Joan Vincent
Title: Love's Way, Author: Joan Smith
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Title: Wiles of a Stranger, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Royal Revels, Author: Joan Smith

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