Title: The Colonial Upstart, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: The Wishing Well, Author: Anna Jacobs
Title: Delsie, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Gather Ye Rosebuds, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Behold, a Mystery!, Author: Joan Smith
Title: My Lady Innkeeper, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Miss Timothy Perseveres [Wedding Series Book1], Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: A Scandalous Suggestion, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Love Bade Me Welcome, Author: Joan Smith
Title: Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie (Lady Appleton Series #1), Author: Kathy Lynn Emerson
Title: Memoirs of a Hoyden, Author: Joan Smith
Title: My Lady Faire, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Drusilla's Downfall, Author: Emily Hendrickson
Title: Miss Westlake's Windfall, Author: Barbara Metzger
Title: Escapades: Four Regency Novellas, Author: Anne Barbour
Title: Olivia, Author: Joan Smith
Title: The Thoroughly Compromised Bride, Author: Catherine Reynolds
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Title: The Gallant Guardian, Author: Evelyn Richardson
Title: A Rival Heir, Author: Laura Matthews

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