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Title: Ask Forgiveness Not Permission: The True Story of an Operation in Pakistan's Badlands, Author: Howard Leedham
Title: A Spur Called Courage: SOE Heroes in Italy, Author: Alan Ogden
Title: Halfway House to Heaven: Unravelling the Mystery of the Majestic River Oxus, Author: Alan Ogden
Title: The Umbrella Unfurled: Its Remarkable Life and Times, Author: Nigel Rodgers
Title: Almost Heaven: True and Almost True Tales About a Cathedral, Author: Leslie Thomas
Title: Fame by Chance: An A-Z of Places That Became Famous (or Infamous) By a Twist of Fate, Author: Donough O'Brien
Title: Alby's Letters to Henry: Written from Isle of Mull, Author: Iain Tennant
Title: In London, Author: Chris Craymer
Title: Numeroids: Any Number of Things You Didn't Know and Some You Did, Author: Donough O'Brien
Title: What Am I Doing Here?: More Poems, Author: Liz Cowley
Title: Monarchy: Past, Present . . . and Future?, Author: Christopher Lee
Title: Drink Time!: In the Company of Patrick Leigh Fermor, Author: Amanda Hopkinson
Title: This Infant Adventure: Offspring of the Royal Gardens at Kew, Author: Christian Lamb
Title: It's All Going Terribly Wrong: The Accidental Showman, Author: Michael Parker
Title: The Pocket Book of What, When and Who on Earth: Fascinating Facts About Christianity, Author: George Courtauld
Title: Words of War: Speeches That Inspired Heroic Deeds, Author: Anthony Weldon
Title: Bride Ideas and Frock-Ups: A Book of Wedding Tips and Slips, Author: Sim Canetty-Clarke
Title: The Dandy: Peacock or Enigma?, Author: Nigel Rodgers
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Title: Faith in Food: Changing the World One Meal at at Time, Author: Sue Campbell
Title: The Ship, the Lady and the Lake: The Extraordinary Life of a Victorian Steamship in the Andes, Author: Meriel Larken

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