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Title: General Curtis E. LeMay on Leadership and Command, Author: Paul K. Carlton
Title: Coalition of the Willing...Coalition of the Able? a Case to Reform U.S. Export Policy, Author: James J. Ravella
Title: Military Space Control: An Intuitive Analysis, Author: Adolfo J. Fernandez
Title: Defense of North America During a NATO-Warsaw Pact Conflict: Some Implications of the USSR's Power Projection Capabilities, Author: Joseph J. Trinca
Title: Internet Wargaming with Distributed Processing Using Client-Server Model, Author: Gregory L. Tarr
Title: Russian Strategy in Chechnya: A Case Study in Failure, Author: Raymond R. Lutz
Title: Q-Switched and Mode Locked Short Pulses from a Diode Pumped, YB-Doped fiber Laser, Author: Seth M. Swift
Title: Analysis of Plasma Bubble Signatures in the Ionosphere, Author: Omar A. Nava
Title: Anelastic Study of Divacancy Damping in Gold, Author: D. G. Franklin
Title: Can't Get There from Here: Overcoming the Anti-Access Threat in 2035, Author: Michael E. Adderley
Title: Efficient GPS Position Determination Algorithms, Author: Thao Q. Nguyen
Title: Cultural Understanding in Counterinsurgency: Analysis of the Human Terrain System, Author: Grant S. Fawcett
Title: Development of an Instrument to Identify Unique Supply Officer Knowledge, Author: Christopher A. Boone
Title: Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Beam Cleanup and Beam Phasing through Two Passive Channels, Author: Omar Gamboa
Title: Optimal Control Strategies for Constrained Relative Orbits, Author: David Jonathan Irvin
Title: David and Goliath: Can Airborne Infantry Defend Against Armor in Central Europe?, Author: Joseph O. Rodriguez
Title: Stastistical Machine Translation of Japanese, Author: Erik A. Chapla
Title: A Study of Morning Radiation Fog Formation, Author: Jimmie L. Trigg
Title: Simulation Modeling and Analysis of TNMCS for the B-1 Strategic Bomber, Author: Carl R. Parson
Title: The Utility of Conventional Ballistic Missiles in Asymmetric Warfare, Author: David H. Conley

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