Title: Gray Ghost and his Featherbed Guerrillas: A Leadership Analysis of John S. Mosby and the 43rd Virginia Cavalry, Author: Michael D. Pyott
Title: Command and Control of Military Forces in the Homeland, Author: Jeffrey W. Burkett
Title: Megabyte will Always get Through, Author: Deborah S. Karagosian
Title: EC-121D Constellation Operations in Vietnam, Author: Jimmy W. Warren
Title: Psychokinesis and its Possible Implications to Warfare Strategy, Author: Gary W. Norton
Title: Civil Air Patrol Heritage Toolbook, Author: Marie E. Merrick
Title: Nuclear Weapon Yield Determination through Nano Indentation of Thermally Degraded Automobile Paint, Author: Michael J. Richards
Title: Intervention in Vietnam: President Eisenhower's Foreign Policy, Author: James F. Slaton
Title: If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, You Probably Will End Up Somewhere Else: Computer Network Operations Force Presentation, Author: Michael Bodine Birdwell
Title: Specialized Assault Units of the World War I Western Front: A Comparative Study of the German Stormtrooper Battalions, and Canadian Trench Raiders, Author: Christopher J. Ghiz
Title: Displaced Pride: Attacking Cynicism at the United States Air Force Academy, Author: Brett Waring
Title: Robin Olds: Leadership in the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Author: Christopher H. Oliver
Title: Coalition of the Willing...Coalition of the Able? a Case to Reform U.S. Export Policy, Author: James J. Ravella
Title: Ride the Cyclone, Author: David Anderson
Title: Weaponeering the Future Directed Energy Weapons Effectiveness Now and Tomorrow, Author: Fager
Title: Amritsar Massacre: The Origins of the British Approach of Minimal Force on Public Order Operations, Author: Richard S. C. Bell
Title: Analyzing the United States Air Force Organizational Structure -- A Case for Reorganization, Author: Jeffrey P. Sundberg
Title: Apportionment and Tactical Airpower in AirLand Battle -- An Evaluation of CAS, BAI and AI from an Operational Perspective, Author: Michael L. Combest
Title: Optimization of Therapeutic Strategies for Organophosphate Poisoning, Author: Gregory G. Seaman
Title: Army Aviation as a Branch, Eighteen Years After the Decision, Author: Frank W. Tate

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