Title: The Numbers, Author: Nick Pirog
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Title: You Shouldn't Have Come Here, Author: Jeneva Rose
Title: Sycamore Circle, Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
#2 in Series
Title: NYPD Red 7: The Murder Sorority, Author: Marshall Karp
#7 in Series
Title: The Keeper of Stories, Author: Sally Page
Title: The Zero Night (Jonathan Stride Series #11), Author: Brian Freeman
#11 in Series
Title: One of Us Is Dead, Author: Jeneva Rose
Title: The Frenchman, Author: Jack Beaumont
#1 in Series
Title: The Neighborhood: A Thriller, Author: Matthew Betley
Title: Imposter, Author: Bradleigh Godfrey
Title: Jungle Up, Author: Nick Pirog
#5 in Series
Title: The Enigma Affair: A Novel, Author: Charlie Lovett
Title: Snowstorm in August, Author: Marshall Karp
Title: Edgewater Road, Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
#1 in Series
Title: The Cold Cold Ground (Sean Duffy Series #1), Author: Adrian McKinty
Title: Sirocco, Author: Dana Haynes
Title: Weapons of Opportunity, Author: Dale Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Author: Gabriel García Márquez
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Title: 56 Days, Author: Catherine Ryan Howard
Title: The Deceit, Author: Sara Foster

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