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Title: Mystery to Me, Artist: Fleetwood Mac
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Title: Fleetwood Mac: 1969-1974, Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Title: At Action Park, Artist: Shellac
Title: New Year's Eve
Title: 1000 Hurts, Artist: Shellac
Title: Excellent Italian Greyhound, Artist: Shellac
Title: Music for Egon Schiele, Artist: Rachel's
Title: Exploded Drawing, Artist: Polvo
Title: Things We Lost in the Fire, Artist: Low
Title: Sex and the Single Girl
Title: Purple Blue, Artist: Eric's Trip
Title: Flies the Fields, Artist: Shipping News
Title: Terraform, Artist: Shellac
Title: Bakesale [Deluxe Edition], Artist: Sebadoh
Title: Pylon Box, Artist: Pylon
by Pylon
Title: The Sea and the Bells, Artist: Rachel's
Title: Four Great Points, Artist: June of 44
Title: Remember, Artist: The Fiery Furnaces
Title: Proper Smoker, Artist: Blunt Bangs
Title: Dude Incredible, Artist: Shellac

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