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Title: Latin for the New Millennium Student Workbook Level 1, 2nd Ed, Author: Terence Tunberg
Title: Vergil's Aeneid: Selected Readings from Books 1, 2, 4, and 6, Author: Barbara Weiden Boyd
Title: A Notebook for Vergil's Aeneid, Author: Stephen Daly Distinti
Title: Vergil's Aeneid: Books I - VI (PB) / Edition 1, Author: Alexander G. Mckay
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Title: Caesar Workbook-TM, Author: Debra L. Nousek
Title: Little Book of Latin Love Poetry, Author: John Breuker
Title: Graphic Latin Grammar Cards / Edition 1, Author: James P. Humphreys
Title: Conversational Latin 4th Edition PB / Edition 4, Author: John C. Traupman
Title: Ovid: Amores, Metamorphosesn (Student Text) / Edition 3, Author: Phyllis B. Katz
Title: Looking at Latin / Edition 1, Author: Anna Andresian
Title: Carmina Burana (PB) / Edition 2, Author: Carl Orff
Title: The Epic of Gilgamesh / Edition 2, Author: Danny P. Jackson
Title: A Beginning Latin Christian Reader: De Bonis Cogitationibus, Author: Rose Williams
Title: Ovid Workbook, Author: Charba Adams
Title: Horace Selected Odes and Satire 1.9 2nd / Edition 2, Author: Ronnie Ancona
Title: Aesop's Fables in Latin: Ancient Wit and Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom, Author: Laura Gibbs
Title: Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound (PB), Author: Paul Roche
Title: Slovak Songs in Latin, Slovak, English, Author: Ivan Reguli
Title: Ten Years of Classicists, Author: Alexander P. MacGregor Jr.
Title: Introduction to Wall Inscriptions, Author: Rex E. Wallace

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