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Title: Ahora, Artist: Chiquis Rivera
Title: Unstoppable: How I Found My Strength Through Love and Loss (Signed Book), Author: Chiquis Rivera
Title: Forgiveness: A Memoir, Author: Chiquis Rivera
Title: Invencible (Unstoppable Spanish edition): Cómo descubrí mi fuerza a través del amor y la pérdida, Author: Chiquis Rivera
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Title: Perdón (Forgiveness Spanish edition), Author: Chiquis Rivera
Title: Chiquis Keto (Spanish edition): La dieta de 21 días para los amantes de tacos, tortillas y tequila, Author: Chiquis Rivera
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by Chiquis Rivera
Narrated by  Frankie Corzo
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: Chiquis Keto: The 21-Day Starter Kit for Taco, Tortilla, and Tequila Lovers, Author: Chiquis Rivera
Title: Perdón (Forgiveness Spanish edition), Author: Chiquis Rivera