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Title: Creating and Governing an Integrated Market for Retail Banking Services in Europe: A Conceptual-Empirical Study of the Role of Regulation in Promoting a Single Euro Payments Area, Author: Matthäus Markus Sielecki
Title: Minority Shareholder Monitoring and German Corporate Governance: Empirical Evidence and Value Effects, Author: Christian Thamm
Title: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Energy Sector: The Impact of Synergy Disclosures on Shareholder Wealth and Operating Performance, Author: Robert Fraunhoffer
Title: Pharma M&A versus alliances and its underlying value drivers: Are M&A or alliances the right therapy for an ailing pharmaceutical industry?- A capital market perspective, Author: Heiko Schön
Title: Bank mergers and acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific region: An investigation of the shareholder wealth effects of the financial sector consolidation and its impact on the acquirer's cost of debt, Author: Sascha Kolaric
Title: Bank Governance Structures and Risk Taking, Author: Dennis Froneberg
Title: Erklaerungsansaetze fuer NAV-Spreads und deren Implikationen fuer das Management von REITs: Auf Basis einer empirischen Untersuchung des pan-EU-REIT-Marktes, Author: Michael Müller
Title: Analyzing Wealth Effects for Bondholders: New Insight on Major Corporate Events from the Debtholders' Perspective, Author: Daniel Maul
Title: Valuation and Value Creation of Insurance Intermediaries, Author: Claudia Max
Title: Finanzwirtschaftliche Erfolgsanalyse deutscher Stadtwerke, Author: Frank Pieper
Title: Auswirkungen gesetzlicher Neuerungen und politischer Unsicherheit auf die Energiewirtschaft: Eine Untersuchung aus Kapitalmarktsicht, Author: Christopher Welkoborsky