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Title: Dog eat Doug Volume 2: It Came from the Diaper Pail, Author: Brian Anderson
Title: Summer of Fear, Author: Christopher McGarry
Title: 23: The Collected Works of C.J. Cala, Author: C.J. Cala
Title: Boy Pussy, Author: C.J. Cala
Title: Four Different Faces, Author: C.J. Cala
Title: Dirty Little Devil, Author: Shaunna Peterson
Title: 14 Surreal Absurdities: The Select Works of C.J. Cala, Author: C.J. Cala
Title: Kanchenjunga: Unearthing the sixth peak, Author: Aakash Agarwal
Title: Voyage of the Liberdade - Illustrated Edition, Author: Captain Joshua Slocum
Title: Winesburg, Ohio, Author: Sherwood Anderson
Title: When Life's A Bitch Friendship Wins, Author: Melvin Leon Guerrero
Title: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding - 1st Edition, Author: David Hume
Title: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Author: Charles Mackay
Title: Capitola's Peril - A Sequel to 'The Hidden Hand', Author: E. D. E. N. Southworth
Title: All the Books of the Bible-Ruth, Author: M. E. Rosson
#8 in Series
Title: The Book of Missionary Heroes, Author: Basil Mathew
Title: Criminal Psychology, Author: Hans Gross
Title: The Seven Lamps of Architecture, Author: John Ruskin
Title: Plutarch's Lives - Volume I, Author: Plutarch
Title: Practical Mysticism, Author: Evelyn Underhill

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