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Title: Wildflower Redemption: Book 2: Texas - Heart and Soul Series, Author: Leslie P García
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Once an Innocent
#3 in Series
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Title: Discovery, Author: Lisa White
Title: Sparked by Love: A Holiday for Romance, Author: Peggy Bird
Title: A Matter of Fate, Author: Ellie Heller
Title: The Glass Orchid, Author: Emma Barron
Title: The Meatball Mistress, Author: Tiffany N York
Title: Emma: The Wild And Wanton Edition, Author: Micah Persell
Title: Flight from Love, Author: Peggy Gaddis
Title: The Counterfeit Cowgirl, Author: Kathryn Brocato
Title: Katie's Hero, Author: Cody Young
Title: Daisy Miller: The Wild and Wanton Edition, Author: Gabrielle Vigot
Title: Minding Jackson, Author: Michele Deppe
Title: Venetian Moon, Author: Clarissa Ross
Title: The Designated Drivers' Club, Author: Shelley K Wall
Title: Trial Run, Author: Anne Metikosh
Title: The Count Of Monte Cristo: The Wild And Wanton Edition Volume 3, Author: Monica Corwin
Title: Always, My Love, Author: Dorothy Fletcher
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Title: One Hit Wonder, Author: Denyse Cohen
Title: Third Eye's a Charm, Author: Dorothy Callahan

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