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Title: Asylia: Territorial Inviolability in the Hellenistic World, Author: Kent J. Rigsby
Title: Faces of Power: Alexander's Image and Hellenistic Politics, Author: Andrew Stewart
Title: The Hellenistic Settlements in the East from Armenia and Mesopotamia to Bactria and India, Author: Getzel M. Cohen
Title: The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature: The Hellenistic Period / Edition 1, Author: Bezalel Bar-Kochva
Title: Josephus's Interpretation of the Bible / Edition 1, Author: Louis H. Feldman
Title: The Hellenistic Settlements in Syria, the Red Sea Basin, and North Africa, Author: Getzel M. Cohen
Title: Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Greek Koinon, Author: Emily Mackil
Title: Tales of High Priests and Taxes: The Books of the Maccabees and the Judean Rebellion against Antiochos IV, Author: Sylvie Honigman
Title: The Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands, and Asia Minor, Author: Getzel M. Cohen
Title: The Making of Fornication: Eros, Ethics, and Political Reform in Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity / Edition 1, Author: Kathy L. Gaca
Title: From Alexander to Jesus, Author: Ory Amitay
Title: Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity: Third Maccabees in Its Cultural Context / Edition 1, Author: Sara Raup Johnson
Title: Jewish Perspectives on Hellenistic Rulers, Author: Tessa Rajak
Title: Cultural Politics in Polybius's Histories, Author: Craige Champion
Title: The Question of Eclecticism: Studies in Later Greek Philosophy, Author: J. M. Dillon
Title: Seeing Double: Intercultural Poetics in Ptolemaic Alexandria / Edition 1, Author: Susan A. Stephens
Title: Encomium of Ptolemy Philadelphus, Author: Theocritus
Title: Cleomedes' Lectures on Astronomy: A Translation of The Heavens / Edition 1, Author: Cleomedes
Title: The Best of the Argonauts: The Redefinition of the Epic Hero in Book One of Apollonius' Argonautica, Author: James J. Clauss
Title: Athens and Macedon: Attic Letter-Cutters of 300 to 229 B.C., Author: Stephen V. Tracy

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