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Title: The Four Voices: Taking Control of the Conversation in Your Head, Author: Patrick Morley
Title: Training for Reigning: Releasing the Power of your Potential, Author: Bill Winston
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Title: Faith and the Marketplace: Becoming the Person of Influence God Intended You to Be, Author: Bill Winston
Title: The Joy of Interpretation and the Misery: How Interpretation Impacts Your Life, Author: Steve Richardson Pre-Order Now
Title: Alzheimer's Dementia What Now?: Help and Hope for Caregivers, Family, and Friends, Author: Jim Henry
Title: Keys to the White House, Author: Robert Boguslaw
Title: Journey Into The Divided Heart: Facing the Defense Mechanisms That Hinder True Emotional Healing, Author: Steve Fair
Title: Romans 911: Time To Sound The Alarm, Author: Grant Berry
Title: Theirs Is The Kingdom: A Fictionalized History of the Early Christian Church, Author: Roberta Damon
Title: The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life: Learn To Tame Your Self-Talk, Author: Phil Willingham
Title: Passion For Fashion: Walking the runway of God's design, Author: Jean Metcalf
Title: Compassionate Father or Consuming Fire?: Engaging the God of the Old Testament, Author: Michael L Brown
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Title: Made in the U.S.A.: The Sex Trafficking of America's Children, Author: Alisa Jordheim
Title: Lead Differently: Discover how leading like Jesus can work for you, Author: Larry Titus
Title: 70 Seconds: Stop Wandering; Start Living & Leading!, Author: Dan Holland
Title: The Winning Mindset: How to approach people, problems, and situations and come out on top!, Author: David Welday Pre-Order Now
Title: Breaking Invisible Chains: True stories of persecution, trafficking, and God's transforming Hope, Author: Al Henson MDiv Pre-Order Now
Title: The Bible Can Be Proven: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries of a Divine Imprint, Author: Vince Latorre
Title: Surviving Tough Times, Author: David Kateeba
Title: Autism, Adolescence, and Adulthood: Finding the Path to Independence, Author: Bobbi Barber

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