Title: The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias, Author: Nancy L. Mace
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Title: The Warfare between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn't Die, Author: Jeff Hardin
Title: American Snakes, Author: Sean P. Graham
Title: The Intentional Brain: Motion, Emotion, and the Development of Modern Neuropsychiatry, Author: Michael R. Trimble
Title: Constitutional Calculus: The Math of Justice and the Myth of Common Sense, Author: Jeff Suzuki
Title: Schizophrenia: A Brother Finds Answers in Biological Science, Author: Ronald Chase
Title: An Introduction to Stochastic Processes in Physics, Author: Don S. Lemons
Title: Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings, Author: Valerie Trouet
Title: Why Sharks Matter: A Deep Dive with the World's Most Misunderstood Predator, Author: David Shiffman
Title: A Leadership Guide for Women in Higher Education, Author: Marjorie Hass
Title: Back-of-the-Envelope Physics, Author: Clifford Swartz
Title: Conspiracy: Why the Rational Believe the Irrational, Author: Michael Shermer
Title: The Black Family's Guide to College Admissions: A Conversation about Education, Parenting, and Race, Author: Timothy L. Fields
Title: The Guide to James Joyce's Ulysses, Author: Patrick Hastings
Title: The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life, Author: Nancy L. Mace
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Title: Lacrosse Legends of the First Americans, Author: Thomas Vennum
Title: A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes: From Maine to Texas, Author: Valerie A. Kells
Title: The Empowered University: Shared Leadership, Culture Change, and Academic Success, Author: Freeman A. Hrabowski III
Title: The Political Determinants of Health, Author: Daniel E. Dawes
Title: The Cheese and the Worms: The Cosmos of a Sixteenth-Century Miller, Author: Carlo Ginzburg

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