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Title: Millstone of Doubt, Author: Erica Vetsch
Title: Death to Deconstruction: Reclaiming Faithfulness as an Act of Rebellion, Author: Joshua Porter
Title: The New Complete Works of Josephus, Author: Flavius Josephus
Title: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Author: Gary R. Habermas
Title: The Lost Lieutenant, Author: Erica Vetsch
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Title: Heavenly Man, Author: Brother Yun
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Title: Counterfeit Hope, Author: Crystal Caudill
Title: Joy to the World: A Regency Christmas Collection, Author: Carolyn Miller
Title: The Companion Bible, Author: E. W. Bullinger
Title: Suspicious Minds: A Novel, Author: Christy Barritt
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Title: The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady: A Novel, Author: Sharon Mondragón
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Title: Questioning Evangelism, Third Edition: Engaging People's Hearts the Way Jesus Did, Author: Randy Newman
Title: Warfare in the Old Testament: The Organization, Weapons, and Tactics of Ancient Near Eastern Armies, Author: Boyd Seevers
Title: Comparison Girl: Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World, Author: Shannon Popkin
Title: The Gentleman Spy, Author: Erica Vetsch
Title: Within These Walls of Sorrow: A Novel of World War II Poland, Author: Amanda Barratt
Title: My Very First Christmas: A Soft and Cozy Bible Story for Babies, Author: Jacob Vium-Olesen
Title: Dusk's Darkest Shores, Author: Carolyn Miller
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Title: Pontius Pilate: A Novel, Author: Paul L. Maier
Title: Liar's Winter: An Appalachian Novel, Author: Cindy Sproles

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