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Title: The Value of a Whale: On the Illusions of Green Capitalism, Author: Adrienne Buller
Title: Female Fortune: The Anne Lister Diaries, 1833-36: Land, gender and authority: New Edition, Author: Jill Liddington
Title: Mummified: The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums, Author: Angela Stienne
Title: The Historian's Craft, Author: Marc Bloch
Title: The fantasy fiction formula, Author: Deborah Chester
Title: Manchester unspun: Pop, property and power in the original modern city, Author: Andy Spinoza
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Title: Running the Family Firm: How the monarchy manages its image and our money, Author: Laura Clancy
Title: Queering the Gothic, Author: William Hughes
Title: Emilio Fernández: Pictures in the margins, Author: Dolores Tierney
Title: Late Merovingian France, Author: Paul Fouracre
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Title: The world of El Cid: Chronicles of the Spanish Reconquest, Author: Rosemary Horrox
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Title: British queer history: New approaches and perspectives, Author: Brian Lewis
Title: Factories for learning: Making race, class and inequality in the neoliberal academy, Author: Christy Kulz
Title: Galatea and Midas: John Lyly, Author: George Hunter
Title: I want to break free: A practical guide to making a new country, Author: Matt Qvortrup
Title: The Malleus Maleficarum / Edition 1, Author: Manchester University Press
Title: The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer: Radicalism, resistance and rebellion, Author: Gregor Gall
Title: Reclaiming economics for future generations, Author: Lucy Ambler
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Title: Beginning theory: An introduction to literary and cultural theory: Fourth edition, Author: Peter Barry
Title: Indo-Pacific Empire: China, America and the contest for the world's pivotal region, Author: Rory Medcalf

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