Title: Coil Quake Rift, Author: Nathan Elias
Title: Oracle of Delphi, Author: James E Gurley
Title: The Librarian at the End of the World, Author: Mark Miller
Title: Red Swarm, Author: David Massengill
Title: Hope: A Play, Author: Declan Tan
Title: The Skin That Fits, Author: David Massengill
Title: Mount Everest: A Play, Author: Richard S Bailey
Title: Manifest, Author: Adam Phillips
Title: Olden Days, Author: Connor de Bruler
Title: 5 Clones, Author: Edward Bonilla
Title: This Is Happening Now, Author: Meghan Brown
Title: Punish the Wicked: A Dystopian Horror, Author: Nicholas Morine
Title: The Wraith of Skrellman, Author: Mike Sauve
Title: Confessions of Sylva Slasher, Author: Ace Antonio Hall
Title: Islington Crocodiles, Author: Paul Meloy
Title: Girls Gone South, Author: Bruce Lee Bond
Title: Anarchy and Other Lies, Author: Jesse McKinnell
Title: Iron and Smoke, Author: Brandon Nolta
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Title: Man With Two Faces, Author: Don Swaim
Title: Panic Soup, Author: David Mathew

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