Title: I Belong to Vienna: A Jewish Family's Story of Exile and Return, Author: Anna Goldenberg
Title: A Very Mexican Christmas, Author: Carlos Fuentes
Title: Pollak's Arm, Author: Hans von Trotha
Title: The Vanished Collection, Author: Pauline Baer de Perignon
Title: Untraceable, Author: Sergei Lebedev
Title: A Very Italian Christmas: The Greatest Italian Holiday Stories of All Time, Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Title: Allmen and the Dragonflies, Author: Martin Suter
Title: I Called Him Necktie, Author: Milena Michiko Flasar
Title: The Last Weynfeldt, Author: Martin Suter
Title: A Very Irish Christmas: The Greatest Irish Holiday Stories of All Time, Author: James Joyce
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Title: Oblivion, Author: Sergei Lebedev
Title: What's Left of the Night, Author: Ersi Sotiropoulos
Title: A Very Scandinavian Christmas: The Greatest Nordic Holiday Stories of All Time, Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Title: A Few Collectors, Author: Pierre Le-Tan
Title: The 6:41 to Paris, Author: Jean-Philippe Blondel
Title: And the Bride Closed the Door, Author: Ronit Matalon
Title: Neapolitan Chronicles, Author: Anna  Maria Ortese
Title: A Very Russian Christmas: The Greatest Russian Holiday Stories of All Time, Author: Leo Tolstoy
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Title: A Very French Christmas: The Greatest French Holiday Stories of All Time, Author: Guy de Maupassant
Title: Adua, Author: Igiaba Scego

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