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Title: The Battlecruiser Omnibus (ePub edition), Author: W. Frederick Zimmerman
Title: Building the PT Boats, Author: Frank J. Andruss Sr.
Title: In the Shadow of the Battleship: Considering the Cruisers of World War II, Author: Richard Worth
Title: Packed and Loaded: Conversations with James M. Cain, Author: James M. Cain
Title: U.S. Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II, 1939-1945, Author: T. Garth Connelly
Title: Re-reading HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, Author: Graeme Davis
Title: The Handbook of Fifth-Generation Warfare, Author: Daniel H. Abbott
Title: Records, Author: Baron Sir John Arbuthnot Fisher
Title: Unauthorized Guide to Pokémon in 999 Words, Author: W. Frederocl Zimmerman
Title: Fallen Walls and Fallen Towers: The Fate of the Nation in a Global World, Author: Adrienne Redd
Title: United States Activity in Libya: Obama Explains Why We Are Not
Title: USS CHOSIN CG 65: US Navy Guided Missile Cruiser, Author: W. Frederick Zimmerman
Title: The Regia Marina's MAS Boats, 1915-1945, Author: T. Garth Connelly
Title: Canada's Sons in the Great War, Author: George Callas Nasmith
Title: U.S. Navy Style Guide, Author: U.S. Navy
Title: You've Got to STAND for Something: A Guide to Understanding and Restoring America's Founding Principles, Author: Andrew Foy Md
Title: Citizen Arianna: The Huffington Post / AOL Merger: Triumph or Tragedy?, Author: Dr. Nancy Snow
Title: Re-read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Today: Nimble Books Commentary (Re-read Harry Potter Today), Author: Graeme Davis
Title: Two-Power and Double Standards: The 1906 Parliament, the Liberal Governments and the Conservative opposition, And the Navy Estimates and dreadnought construction programmes, 1906-1909, Author: H.P. Willmott
Title: Obama's Wars in 999 Words: Why Obama Can't Get Away from, Author: Pepe Escobar

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