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Title: Nova - Mind of Desire: Part 1 - The Abduction, Author: The Weatherby Sisters
Title: Nova Jackson: Ejects #1, Author: Jodi Chamberlain
Title: After The End, Author: Melissa A. Gibbo
Title: Poppy Mayberry, The Monday, Author: Jennie K. Brown
Title: INCEPTIO, Author: Alison Morton
#1 in Series
Title: Bone Sliver: The Nova Wave: Book 1, Author: D. E. Chandler
Title: Warden, Author: Alex Knight
Title: Mythallica: Lux Nova, Author: Mikhail Sebastian
Title: Monkey Trap, Author: Lee Denning
#1 in Series
Title: Dispensing Justice, Author: Fritz Freiheit
Title: The Collected Screenplays of Chevy Nova Overdrive: Vol. I, Author: Chevy Nova Overdrive
Title: Opera Nova - Livre 1, Author: Achille Marozzo
Title: Survivor: Book 1 of the Nova Chronicles, Author: J. BRYANT
Title: NOVA: Der Eintritt, Author: Cary Ponsar
#1 in Series
Title: Nova 1: Återseendet, Author: Emma Silver
#1 in Series
Title: Allegretto in h-Moll / Allegretto in B minor: Streichquartett, komponiert für Richard Ford, Wien, 28. November 1817. Faksimile des Autographs und Erstausgabe eines bisher unbekannten Werks, Author: Ludwig van Beethoven
Title: Blind: Kriminalroman, Author: Christine Brand
#1 in Series
Title: Breaking Nova, Author: Jessica Sorensen
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Blind (Abridged)
by Christine Brand
Narrated by  Martina Treger
#1 in Series
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Title: Religion et conservatisme: Explorations theologiques d'une connivence annoncee, Author: R Mager

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