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Title: Rise Up, Author: Lisa Evans
Title: Booby's Bay, Author: Henry Darke
Title: Somewhere Fun, Author: Jenny Schwartz
Title: The Editing Process, Author: Meredith Oakes
Title: High Life, Author: Lizzy Dijeh
Title: Our Private Life, Author: Pedro Miguel Rozo
Title: Young Marx, Author: Richard Bean
Title: Nothing, Author: Lulu Raczka
Title: Head/Case, Author: Ron Hutchinson
Title: All The President's Men?: Scenes from the Senate Confirmation Hearings of President Trumps cabinet, Author: Nicolas Kent
Title: Hamnet, Author: Dead Centre
Title: Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and Other Love Songs), Author: Carl Grose
Title: The Acid Test, Author: Anya Reiss
Title: Russian Plays, Author: Aleksander Pushkin
Title: It Is Easy to Be Dead, Author: Neil McPherson
Title: Blueberry Toast, Author: Mary Laws
Title: Morning and Afternoon, Author: Andy Hinds
Title: The Seagull, Author: Anton Chekhov
Title: Silent Planet, Author: Eve Leigh
Title: My Fat Friend, Author: Charles Laurence

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