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Title: Memories of the Origins of Ethnographic Film, Author: Beate Engelbrecht
Title: Post-Tonal Affinities in Piano Works of Bartók, Chen, and Crumb, Author: Monica Kang
Title: Lingua Legis in Translation: English-Polish and Polish-English Translation of Legal Texts, Author: Aleksandra Matulewska
Title: Civility in Uncivil Times: Kazimierz Moczarski's Quiet Battle for Truth, from the Polish Underground to Stalinist Prison, Author: Anna Machcewicz
Title: «Muggles, Monsters and Magicians»: A Literary Analysis of the «Harry Potter» Series, Author: Claudia Fenske
Title: Cryptocurrency in all Aspects / Edition 1, Author: Fatih Ayhan
Title: Die Rolle des Ein-Platz-Prinzips in der Autonomie der Sportfachverbaende: Eine Untersuchung der exklusiven Organisationsstrukturen im Sport, Author: Paul Fischer
Title: Comparative Adult Education 2008: Experiences and Examples- A Publication of the International Society for Comparative Adult Education ISCAE, Author: Jost Reischmann
Title: The Image of «White» and «Red» Russia in the Polish Political Thought of the 19th and 20th Century: Analogies and Parallels, Author: Jerzy Juchnowski
Title: Cushitic Lexicon and Phonology: Edited by Grover Hudson, Author: M. Lionel Bender
Title: Researching Gender in Adult Learning, Author: Joanna Ostrouch-Kaminska
Title: Revelación y traducción en la Orden de Predicadores, Author: Antonio Bueno García
Title: Audiovisual Translation in Poland: Changing Audiences, Author: Olga Labendowicz
Title: Thage: Malerei zwischen Konvention und Avantgarde, Author: Semirah Heilingsetzer
Title: Neither World Polity nor Local or National Societies: Regionalization in the Global South - the Caribbean Community, Author: Tavis D. Jules
Title: Der Aufkauf von Start-ups im digitalen Bereich: Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen der deutschen Fusionskontrolle, Author: Charlotte Sophie Helene Legerlotz
Title: Enforcement of Patents on Geographically Divisible Inventions: An Inquiry into the Standard of Substantive Patent Law Infringement in Cross-Border Constellations, Author: Agnieszka Kupzok
Title: Nur Freundschaft oder «fare affidamento»?: Die Anerkennungspraxis in den Briefen der Renaissanceprinzessinnen Anna von Rohan und Luise von Coligny, Author: Daniela Tomasini
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Title: Unterhaltsrecht der Volksrepublik China: Rechtshistorische Bezuege, Kindesunterhalt und Unterhaltsverhaeltnis zwischen Stiefkind und Stiefelternteil, Author: Dunja Stadtmann
Title: Between Dream and Reality: «The Saragossa Manuscript»: An Analysis of Wojciech Jerzy Has's Movie, Author: Iwona Grodz

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