Title: Intellectual Intuition in the General Metaphysics of Jacques Maritain: A Study in the History of the Methodology of Classical Metaphysics, Author: Edmund Morawiec
Title: Cryptocurrency in all Aspects / Edition 1, Author: Fatih Ayhan
Title: American Patriotism and Corporate Identity in Automobile Advertising: «What's Good for General Motors Is Good for the Country and Vice Versa?», Author: Markus Weik
Title: Current Issues in Services Management: Multidisciplinary Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Hasan Hüseyin Soybali
Title: Umwelt-, Klima- und Konsumgeschichte: Fallstudien zu Sueddeutschland, Oesterreich und der Schweiz. Unter Mitarbeit von Lisa Bauereisen und Christoph Gunkel., Author: Gisela Drossbach
Title: Photoecological Conditions of Human Visual Attention in Transport: Theory and Research, Author: Olaf Edmund Truszczynski
Title: Verga innovatore / Innovative Verga: L'opera caleidoscopica di Giovanni Verga in chiave iconica, sinergica e transculturale / The kaleidoscopic work of Giovanni Verga in iconic, synergetic and transcultural terms, Author: Dagmar Reichardt
Title: International Criminal Tribunals as Actors of Domestic Change.: The Impact on Institutional Reform vol 2, Author: Klaus Bachmann
Title: «Zvinorwadza»: Being a patient in the religious and medical plurality of the Mberengwa district, Zimbabwe, Author: Olov Dahlin
Title: Coming to Terms with a Dark Past: How Post-Conflict Societies Deal with History, Author: Sirkka Ahonen
Title: Smaller World, Bigger Issues: Growth, Unemployment, Inequality and Poverty / Edition 1, Author: Hale Kirer Silva Lecuna
Title: Der Kosmos als Vorbild und Lehrmeister: Studien ueber den Raum-Zeit-Diskurs in der roemischen Lebenswelt, Author: Marion Achenbach-Kosse
Title: Postwar Reconciliation in Central Europe and East Asia: The Case of Polish-German and Korean-Japanese Relations, Author: Olga Barbasiewicz
Title: Musical Romania and the Neighbouring Cultures: Traditions - Influences - Identities- Proceedings of the International Musicological Conference- July 4-7 2013, Iasi (Romania), Author: Laura Vasiliu
Title: Studies on Socialist Realism: The Polish View, Author: Anna Artwinska
Title: Die beiden Faust-Dramen Goethes, Author: Jochen Bertheau
Title: Construction of New Turkey: Turkish Identity in Transition: From Kemalist Hyper-Modernism to Religious Conservatism, Author: Orhun Cem Karsavuran
Title: Essays and Studies in Middle English: 9th International Conference on Middle English, Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw, 2015, Author: Jacek Fisiak
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Title: Angela Carter's Critique of Her Contemporary World: Politics, History, and Mortality, Author: Yutaka Okuhata
Title: Die Anwendung des Kapitalanlagegesetzbuchs auf geschlossene Fonds, Author: Daniela Franke

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