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Title: Murder at Mullings, Author: Dorothy Cannell
Title: The Riverwomans Dragon, Author: Candace Robb
Title: The Sin Eater, Author: Sarah Rayne
Title: Dead Wind (Shana Merchant Series #3), Author: Tessa Wegert
Title: The Boy in the Woods, Author: Carter Wilson
Title: Property of a Lady, Author: Sarah Rayne
Title: Death at Dovecote Hatch, Author: Dorothy Cannell
Title: Death of a Heretic, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Bitter Roots, Author: Ellen Crosby
Title: Sentenced to Death, Author: Betty Hechtman Pre-Order Now
Title: A Deadly Web, Author: Jeanne M. Dams
Title: Such a Winter's Day, Author: Carlene Thompson
Title: Close to the Bone (Theresa MacLean Series #7), Author: Lisa Black
Title: Buried Memories, Author: Simon R. Green
Title: Ghost Blows A Kiss, Author: Carolyn G. Hart
Title: What Song the Sirens Sang, Author: Simon R. Green
Title: Ghost Ups Her Game, Author: Carolyn G. Hart
Title: Catch Your Death, Author: Lissa Marie Redmond
Title: The House of Death, Author: Peter Tremayne
Title: Murder at the Jubilee Rally, Author: Terry Shames

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