Title: He Gets That from Me: A Novel, Author: Jacqueline Friedland
Title: Ski Weekend: A Novel, Author: Rektok Ross
Title: Goodbye, Lark Lovejoy (Enchanted Rock Series #1), Author: Kris Clink
Title: What They Didn't Burn: Uncovering My Father's Holocaust Secrets, Author: Mel Laytner
Title: Stars (Wendy Darling Series #1), Author: Colleen Oakes
Title: The Long-Lost Jules: A Novel, Author: Jane Elizabeth Hughes
Title: A Stream to Follow: A Novel, Author: Jess Wright
Title: Trouble the Water: A Novel, Author: Jacqueline Friedland
Title: Dovetails in Tall Grass: A Novel, Author: Samantha Specks
Title: The Lives of Diamond Bessie: A Novel, Author: Jody Hadlock
Title: A Week of Warm Weather: A Novel, Author: Lee Bukowski
Title: Hello, Goodbye: A Novel, Author: Kate Stollenwerck
Title: The Gray Bird of Baghdad: An Ex-Secret Service Agent's Desperate Mission to Save an Iraqi Scientist, Author: Stephen Phillip Monteiro
Title: The Spy's Wife: A Novel, Author: Jane Elizabeth Hughes
Title: The Girl Who Ruined Christmas, Author: Cindy Callaghan
Title: The Sorceress: Witches of Orkney, Book 5, Author: Alane Adams
Title: So Close, Author: Emma McLaughlin
Title: The Walled Garden: A Novel, Author: Robin Farrar Maass
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Title: Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer: Full Color Softcover Edition, Author: Victoria Heldreich Durand
Title: Charming Falls Apart: A Novel, Author: Angela Terry

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