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Title: All Are Welcome: Toward a Multi-Everything Church, Author: Jemar Tisby
Title: Questions of the Heart: Leaning In, Listening For, And Loving Well Toward True Identity In Christ, Author: Kevin Thumpston
Title: Tookie Bear: 25 Years Married to Julia: Reflections on Being and Staying Married from A-Z, Author: Doug Serven
Title: Rooted: The Apostles' Creed - Second Edition, Author: Josh Reitano
Title: Doing God's Work: With Brothers and Sisters in Christ Serving in Milwaukee., Author: Arnold
Title: Fantastic Voyage: A Story of School Turnaround and Achievement By Overcoming Poverty and Addressing Race, Author: Lee Roland
Title: Co-Laborers, Co-Heirs: A Family Conversation, Author: Doug Serven
Title: The Best Game: A Simple and Memorable Model for Successfully Running Any Organization, Author: Michael S Smith
Title: Ever Light and Dark: Telling Secrets, Telling the Truth, Author: Elizabeth Miller Hayes
Title: Christ in the Time of Corona: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Love, Author: Brittany Smith
Title: Driven By Desire: Insatiable Longings, Incredible Promises, Infinite God, Author: Thomas Fitzpatrick