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Title: Crisis of Capitalism: Compendium of Applied Economics (Global Capitalism), Author: Luciano Vasapollo
Title: Labor Régime Change in the Twenty-First Century: Unfreedom, Capitalism and Primitive Accumulation, Author: Tom Brass
Title: The Cuban Revolution as Socialist Human Development, Author: Henry Veltmeyer
Title: Neoliberalism and National Culture: State-Building and Legitimacy in Canada and Québec, Author: Cory Blad
Title: The Entropy of Capitalism, Author: Robert Biel M
Title: The Underground Church: Non-violent Resistance to the Vatican Empire, Author: Kathleen Kautzer
Title: Faces of State Terrorism, Author: Laura Westra
Title: Concepts: A Critical Approach, Author: Andy Blunden
Title: Towards a Dialectic of Philosophy and Organization, Author: Eugene Gogol
Title: Capital Accumulation and Migration, Author: Dennis C. Canterbury
Title: Theorizing Globalization: A Critique of the Mediatization of Social Theory, Author: Marko Ampuja
Title: Economic Nationalism and Globalization: Lessons from Latin America and Central Europe, Author: Henryk Szlajfer
Title: Messages from George Simmel, Author: Horst J. Helle
Title: Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism, Author: John  J. Betancur
Title: Religious Fundamentalism in the Middle East: A Cross-National, Inter-Faith, and Inter-Ethnic Analysis, Author: Mansoor Moaddel
Title: Modernity and Terrorism: From Anti-Modernity to Modern Global Terror, Author: Milan Zafirovski
Title: The Supranational Corporation: Beyond the Multinationals, Author: Laura Westra
Title: The Supranatural Corporation: Beyond the Multinationals, Author: Laura Westra
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Title: Stateless Citizenship: The Palestinian-Arab Citizens of Israel, Author: Shourideh  C. Molavi
Title: Anarchy and Society: Reflections on Anarchist Sociology, Author: Jeff Shantz

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