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33 Ways to Help with Spelling: Supporting Children who Struggle with Basic Skills

33 Ways to Help with Spelling: Supporting Children who Struggle with Basic Skills

by Heather Morris, Sue Smith


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33 Ways to Help with Spelling equips teachers and teaching assistants with a wide range of practical resources to help children who are having difficulties learning the basic skills of spelling.

Offering a range of activities and games to engage children and encourage motivation in the classroom, this essential classroom companion provides ready-to-use material that doesn't need lengthy forward preparation. Activities include auditory and visual mnemonics, phonetics and tactile tasks.

These practical and fun ideas incorporate a variety of learning styles, using kinaesthetic and auditory techniques, that put the emphasis on 'games' rather than 'work'. The activities are especially suitable for teaching assistants working with individuals or small groups. The book works step-by-step through practical activities which:

  • keep children motivated and enjoying learning
  • don't require extensive knowledge or experience from the adult
  • are adult-led so children don't have the opportunity to repeat mistakes
  • are grouped into different basic skills, so teachers can choose the activity best suited for the child's needs
  • have clear, concise and pedagogically sound reasons for the activity
  • include extension activity where appropriate to challenge pupils.

Aimed mainly at primary pupils, secondary teachers will also find this book invaluable to use with pupils who are falling behind. The series facilitates good inclusive provision and is a resource from which useful ideas and materials can be taken without having to plough through chapters of theory and research.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780415560801
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/23/2010
Series: Thirty Three Ways to Help with....
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 11.60(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Heather Morris is a specialist teacher with a learning support service. She has taught in primary schools and in a unit for pupils with specific learning difficulties/dyslexia.

Sue Smith has been a primary school SENCO and Reading Recovery teacher, who now specialises in one-to-one teaching of children with specific learning difficulties/dyslexia.

Table of Contents

Part A: Spelling Strategies 1.Teaching the Tricks 2. Feely Bag 3. Chaining and Tracking 4. Getting a Feeling for Words 5. SOS - Simultaneous Oral Spelling 6. Make a Mnemonic 7. Letter Confusions 8. Look Say Cover Write Check 9. Essential Spellings 10. Calendar Cues 11. Freeing Speller’s Block 12. Write Well, Spell Well Part B: Phonic Activities 13. Phoneme Fixing 14. Clue Words and Silly Sentences 15. Phoneme Frames 16. The Alphabet Arc 1 17. The Alphabet Arc 2 18. Pattern Making 19. Spelling Stones Part C: Games for Spelling Practice 20. Beat the Clock 21. Clear the Board 22. Dot to Dot Squares 23. Follow the Leader 24. Hollow Letters 25. Hopscotch 26. Quick Draw 27. Race and Chase 28. Snakes and Ladders 29. Shannon’s Game 30.Speed Spelling 31.Spelling Pairs 32.Throw the Dice 33.Word Searches Appendices 1.Spelling Record Sheet 1 2.Spelling Record Sheet 2 3.Spelling Blitz Sheet 4.Alphabet Strip 5.Alphabet Grid 6.Word Wall

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