Building Your Sales Team: Beyond People, Process, and Technology

Building Your Sales Team: Beyond People, Process, and Technology

by Diane Updyke


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In the business world, there are many moving parts to consider when creating a team to grow your brand. It's an ecosystem and not an individual sport. A sales team is one of the most essential groups in your business to increase revenues as it's on the frontlines and part of the voice of your brand. Growing one entails a great deal of hard work that includes interfacing with marketing, product management, customer care, and operational tasks to incorporate cross-functional goals. Several of those point-of-views are presented here with insights.

Even once your team and systems are already set up, one important thing that top executives will tell you from experience is about execution: how you build and make your own sales team function efficiently. This is because we rarely get to live Plan A. Plan B is how we adapt. There will always be external factors that hinder you in achieving your goals. So, how do you push and move forward effectively? How do you put passion into play and be impactful in the industry?

Diane Updyke and her colleagues present valuable tips, value statements, and learnings that every businessperson can benefit from. For a thorough understanding of how to build and execute an effective sales team, get your hands on Diane Updyke's Building Your Sales Team today.

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ISBN-13: 9781616993160
Publisher: THiNKaha,Inc.
Publication date: 03/11/2019
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

Table of Contents

Section I : It's the Customer, Basically

Section II : Are Your Goals Steady?

Section III : Developing Your Sales Model and Organizing Your Chaos

Section IV : Operations—It Just IS

Section V : Support Structures Complete You

Section VI : Sales and Marketing Alignment—It's the WHOLE World

Section VII: Managing the Team = Help Me Help You

Section VIII: General Skills and Tips—Read These! They Have Some of the Best Advice

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