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by Gustaf Skördeman

Narrated by Claire Corbett

Unabridged — 12 hours, 37 minutes

Gustaf Skördeman

Audiobook (Digital)

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For a seemingly perfect family, a single word will change everything in this edge¿of¿your¿seat thriller for fans of The Silent Patient and The Whisper Man.

It's early summer in Stockholm. Agneta and Stellan Broman have just waved off their daughters and grandchildren when the landline phone rings. The caller says just one word: "Geiger." Agneta hangs up, finds her old pistol, kills her husband of fifty years and then disappears from their home without a trace.

Sara Nowak, a police officer in the prostitution unit, is called by a colleague who is investigating the murder. Stellan was a widely loved former television presenter, and Sara grew up next door to the Bromans, spending much of her childhood in their grand house. Both the victim's daughters and Sara are devastated by the killing, and going against all regulations, Sara gets involved in the investigation. It is the beginning of a dark journey, leading back to the Cold War and fatal ideologies, and the truth about Sara's own childhood.

Exciting, compelling, and full of twists you'll never see coming, Geiger is Gustaf Skördeman's incredible debut thriller.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Skördeman keeps readers fully engaged right up to the last shattering revelations. This tale of Cold War revenge and familial anguish will resonate with many.”—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"A fast-paced thriller . . . An impressive debut."—Financial Times


"An astonishing, assured and terrifying debut. Many books have pretensions to be the next Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but Geiger actually delivers - reaching that level and beyond. Remarkable."—David Young, award-winning author of STASI CHILD

"Exciting, extremely clever, incredible. An instant classic."—Tom Marcus, bestselling author of SOLDIER SPY

"The very definition of a thriller. Plotting as good as Lee Child, pacing as good as Harlan Coben but with a completely original voice. Absolutely brilliant."—Helen Fields, author of PERFECT REMAINS

"Expect a blockbuster movie."—Saga Magazine

“A great debut novel that hits all the right buttons with a great lead character…  This one is not to be missed.”—Red Carpet Crash

Kirkus Reviews

The Cold War threatens to rise from the dead in this fast-paced Swedish spy thriller.

Grandparents Stellan and Agneta Broman have been married for almost 50 apparently idyllic years. Stellan is a widely beloved television personality. But one night, Agneta receives a brief phone call, shoots her 80-year-old husband in the back of the head, and disappears into the night. Police think at first that the retired celebrity’s murder might simply be a botched burglary, but police officer Sara Nowak believes that Stellan has been targeted. Then, on beginning to learn about his past, investigators think it may be the “beginning of a much bigger chain of events.” They fear that the killer or killers may have kidnapped Agneta. Poor Stellan. He’d been “Sweden's playful uncle….It was like someone murdering Santa Claus.” Readers learn long before the authorities do that Agneta is on a mission and has waited for decades to receive the signal to kill this man she pretended to love. It’s a complex plot wherein a “gang of senile old spies” regret the demise of the Cold War, particularly the fall of East Germany. Lurking in the shadows is the mysterious Abu Rasil, who wants to be remembered as the greatest terrorist ever. As it happens, Stellan had a couple of secret lives unknown to his adoring public. He had once been an informal collaborator for the Stasi, the East German security service. Perhaps Stellan was Geiger, the man who had ruined so many Swedish lives. And to put it delicately, Stellan had disturbing relationships with young girls. Decades ago, Sara's mother used to clean house for the Bromans, and Sara had been the occasional and socially unequal playmate of their daughters. As tension builds, people die in bursts of bombs and profanity. Has the Cold War never really ended? Sara's boss tries to take her off the case, but naturally that doesn't stop her. There is plenty of excitement right up to the end. All seems lost until, like a deus ex machina, the solution appears.

Dark, violent, and engrossing but with a contrived ending.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940176076226
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication date: 05/10/2022
Edition description: Unabridged

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