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Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Edition Paper 120g, Medium (A5) Hardcover, Dotted, Black

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Edition Paper 120g, Medium (A5) Hardcover, Dotted, Black

by Leuchtturm Leuchtturm

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Whether you prefer to write with a marker, fountain pen or brush pen the 120 g/m² paper is the perfect writing surface for a variety of writing instruments. During the milling process, the paper received a smooth and particularly low-friction finish. It allows your pen to glide across the page with a minimum of wear and provides a pleasantly flowing writing sensation.

The ink does not bleed into the paper, but retains its clear contour. By adding the proper fillers, the paper has comparatively low transparency: writing does not shine through to the other side. The paper was specially developed and manufactured in Germany.

  • Very low transparency
  • The paper reduces the risk of having the underlying page show through
  • Smooth writing surface
  • It is gentle to the tip of the pen for an effortless writing experience
  • The 120g Edition notebooks are also equipped with all the signature LEUCHTTURM1917 details, such as table of contents, numbered pages, a pocket in the end cover and a set of stickers. Colour: Sage Ruling: Dotted Format: Medium Size: A5 Pages: 203

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    Publication date: 04/01/2021

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