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Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences

Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences

by Bill Farrel, Pam Farrel
Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences

Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences

by Bill Farrel, Pam Farrel


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Men Are Like WafflesWomen Are Like Spaghettihas helped thousands of couples understand each other better. I will continue to recommend this book as a "must read."
Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages®

Pam and Bill Farrel have the ability to take an everyday menu of spaghetti and waffles and transform biblical, practical wisdom into a word picture that has encouraged, equipped, and inspired couples worldwide.
Dr. Kevin Leman, bestselling author of The Birth Order Book and Sheet Music

Let Your Differences Make You Irresistible to Each Other

While a man tends to deal with one problem or purpose at a time (moving from waffle square to waffle square), a woman's thoughts generally flow together (like spaghetti noodles). Once you discover how your spouse processes feelings and thoughts, you're on your way to a happy and healthy relationship!

Join more than 300,000 other readers as you learn to energize your communication with strategies that work, ignite romance with new ideas to spice up your marriage, and empower your parenting with your combined insights and influence.

Find all the ingredients for creating a fabulous recipe of loving, working, and winning together!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736968881
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 165,331
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Bill Farrel has been influencing lives for over 25 years as a senior pastor, youth pastor, radio talk show host, community leader, and sought-after conference speaker. Bill is also the author of The 10 Best Decisions a Man Can Make, and he and his wife, Pam, have written more than 30 books, including Men Are Like Waffles— Women Are Like Spaghetti and Red-Hot Monogamy. They have been married more than 30 years and have raised three young men who love Jesus and athletics.

Pam Farrel and her husband, Bill, are the authors of 59 books including Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 350,000 copies sold) and Red-Hot Monogamy. In addition, Pam has written 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband and 7 Simple Skills for Every Woman: Success in Keeping It All Together. They are cofounders and codirectors of Love-Wise, an organization to help people connect love and wisdom and bring practical insights to their personal relationships. The Farrels live in California and enjoy spending time with their 3 sons, 3 daughters-in-law and many energetic grandkids.

Table of Contents

An Amazing Journey 11

1 What's the Difference?: We Need to See "I to I" 15

2 Waffles and Spaghetti Communicating: Don't Overcook Communication 33

3 Waffles and Spaghetti Relaxing: Remote Places and Remote Controls 53

4 Waffles and Spaghetti in Love: Preparing for the Main Course 77

5 Waffles and Spaghetti in the Bedroom: Sugar and Spice 99

6 Waffles and Spaghetti in Conflict: Hot Waffles and Simmering Marinara 119

7 Waffles and Spaghetti Achieving Together: The Recipe for Success 139

8 Waffles and Spaghetti at Home: Who Does What, When, and Why 161

9 Waffles and Spaghetti as Parents: Belgian Basics and Pasta Principles 179

10 Waffles and Spaghetti Meeting Each Other's Key Needs: Sauce or Syrup? 199

Epilogue: The Secret Ingredient 221

Discussion Questions 225

Couple Communication Questions 237

Notes 249

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti has helped thousands of couples understand each other better, and thus have better communication. I will continue to recommend this book as a 'must read.'"
Gary Chapman, PhD, author of The Five Love Languages

"Pam and Bill Farrel have the ability to take an everyday menu of spaghetti and waffles and transform biblical, practical wisdom into a word picture that has encouraged, equipped, and inspired couples worldwide."
Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times bestselling author of The Birth Order Book and Sheet Music

"When the Farrels released the original Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti, they taught some of that material in our church, and many of our marriages were enriched! Now here's the new and improved edition. If you want to know why sometimes in one day your marriage can go from ecstasy to exasperation, you need to read this book."
Dr. David Jeremiah, senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Church and president and founder of Turning Point

"Over the years, running one of North America's largest Christian conferences, we have brought in Bill and Pam Farrell several times as presenters. It is no stretch to say that marriages have literally been saved through their powerful ministry. This is one of the reasons why we have brought them in again and again to serve packed-out sessions. The practical helps from their exceptional book Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti have been the cornerstone to many of their classes. With the rerelease of their bestseller, we know that a new generation of marriages will once again be transformed into vital and lifelong relationships."
Dr. Arlen and Elsa Salte, founders of Break Forth Canada

"Can it truly be years since Pam and Bill had their stroke of insight for THE MOST descriptive metaphor for male/female brain/communication differences ever? And it's food! It was an instant classic then, and it is still helping couples break through barriers to understanding one another. Thank God for 'Waffles & Spaghetti'!"
Anita Renfroe, comedian

"If you desire longevity in your marriage, read Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti before, during, and after the honeymoon."
Linda Evans Shepherd, author of Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles

"Bill and Pam Farrel are dynamic communicators who live out the hope-filled message of Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti. With powerful principles, poignant illustrations, and biblical wisdom, they point couples to building blocks for a successful relationship. We highly recommend this resource!"
Gene Kent and Carol Kent, author of Unquenchable

"I just completed reading Bill and Pam Farrel's, Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti. I found myself laughing out loud at the illustrations and descriptions of the different ways men and women react to each other and the tasks involved in married life. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the Farrel's balanced sound research with amusing anecdotes and biblical reference's insight. I know I will be using this book often for marriage seminars and retreats and recommending it to couples to read on their own."
Ronald E. Martin-Minnich, solider, airmen and family ministry

"Let Pam and Bill Farrel share their passion with you for helping men and women connect. Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti is a gourmet treat for all who want to find unity in their diversity."
David and Claudia Arp, Authors of 10 Great Dates to Revitalize Your Marriage and The Second Half of Marriage

"A must read for those who want to make bad marriages good and good marriages better."
Jill Briscoe, author of Prayer That Works

"With fun and humor, Pam and Bill Farrel have created a practical book packed with ideas sure to bridge the differences between the genders and add intimacy and understanding to any marriage."
Florence and Fred Littauer, bestselling authors

"No doubt you have looked at your spouse and thought, 'I do not understand you.' In the most delightful way, Bill and Pam Farrel will help you finally understand what makes your spouse tick and how best to communicate. The differences in your marriage can be better celebrated when they are understood."
Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to a Happy Husband

"With this book Bill and Pam have positively impacted many, many marriages and homes. This work is near and dear to the heart of God, and we admire them for boldly bringing these truths."
Clay and Renee Crosse, Holyhomes Ministries

"We've known Bill and Pam Farrel since 1994 and have enjoyed their ministry and appreciated their friendship. They are indeed sincere and wise Christians who not only desire to minister effectively, they succeed! When it comes to being servants of Christ, they are the real deal. Bill and Pam are people we trust, and we give their counsel our highest recommendation."
Dr. Clay Jones, associate professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University, and Jean E. Jones, author of Discovering Hope in the Psalms

"Pam and Bill Farrel stand for God's design for marriage. The Farrels share biblical wisdom and practical insights with a large dose of humor. We have had them speak for our church and the couples are enriched, encouraged, and excited to apply their powerful and practical advice."
Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Church and author of Well Versed

"Whether you've been married 50 years or 5 days, Pam and Bill are the marriage mentors every couple needs. With hope-filled truth, the Farrels are the best friends a couple can have when marriage is at its most challenging."
Kathi Lipp, bestselling author of The Husband Project

"I can't think of a better couple to teach us about how to make marriage work than Pam and Bill Farrel. Their books have been life changing, and Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti is a must read to understand the very real differences between men and women. More importantly, Bill and Pam live what they teach. They have a great marriage, and in today's world, that speaks loudly."
Leslie Vernick, licensed counselor, relationship coach, and author of seven books including The Emotionally Destructive Marriage and How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong

"There's just so much fun, help, ministry, and insight packed into Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti! Bill and Pam Farrel have taken some sort of amazing Tupperware ™ kind of approach; everything they've packed into this book is still so scrumptiously fresh. As a pastor-and-wife couple, we love having tools we can recommend to others that can help make struggling marriages better, and better marriages the best. Waffles and Spaghetti? Beautifully burped, sealed, and still deliciously impacting relationships!"
Richie Rhea, senior pastor of Troy First Baptist Church and Rhonda Rhea, speaker, TV personality, and author of 12 books, including Espresso Your Faith

"I have never known a couple who has ministered to couples more effectively than Bill and Pam Farrel. Their book Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti has transformed marriages around the world. I always keep extra copies to give to husbands and wives to help them understand how men and women communicate and process information differently. It's always exciting to watch the 'ah ha' moments when they say, 'Oh, that's why he/she acts that way! Now I get it!' In a cultural climate that blurs the lines between male and female, Bill and Pam reinforce biblical principles that God created man—male and female—and they are very different. What fun!"
Sharon Jaynes, author of Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe and Becoming the Woman of His Dreams

"We love Bill and Pam Farrel! Whether interviewing them on television, ministering with them at a conference or on couple's cruise, or simply reading their classic 'Waffles and Spaghetti' masterpiece, we have been greatly enriched by our ministry connections with Bill and Pam. They have a powerful way of communicating their practical, down-to-earth teachings that bring the hope of God to so many marriage relationships."
Ron and Ann Mainse, Heart to Heart Family Ministries and (Ann) 100 Huntly Street

"Next to the Bible, no book has influenced my understanding of a Christ-glorifying marriage more than Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti! My wife and I just celebrated 40 years together and so often find ourselves referring back to this great treasury of advice, humor, wisdom, and biblical precedent! No wonder we've given so many copies away!"
Scott Wesley Brown, Christian artist and pastor

"For more than a quarter of a century, Bill and Pam Farrell have been helping couples stay together and thrive, using their unique brand of humor mixed with practical, godly wisdom and advice. Their new edition of Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti continues this all-important ministry to marriages, providing everyday examples and easy-to-apply tips to help any couple communicate and relate better. Definitely a must read for newlyweds!"
Dr. Chris and Alisa Grace, directors of Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships and founders of Marriage by Grace

"Bill and Pam served as marriage and ministry mentors for us, even before we met them. Their prolific careers as authors, speakers, and relationship experts helped light a spark in us that has us wanting to be just like them 'when we grow up.' Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti has stood the test of time for a reason: It's practical, fun, and packed full of 'light bulb moments' about relationships. If we were stuck on a desert island, all we'd want is waffles, spaghetti, and this book!"
Carey and Dena Dyer, entertainers and authors of Love at First Fight

"Pam and Bill Farrel continue to creatively help men and women understand one another and draw closer in our love relationship and marital commitment. Our family is most grateful!"
Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author of Dwelling Places and

"Pam and Bill Farrel offer great insights about building strong marriages, but they do more-they live what they teach."
Grace Fox, author of Morning Moments with God

"Can't wait to get my hands on this new edition of an absolute classic."
Tessa Afshar, author of Land of Silence

"This book so clearly and creatively conveys a primary difference between gender such a palatable and fun form. Love this book and recommend it all the time!"
Nancy Sebastian Meyer, author of Talk Easy, Listen Hard

"Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti is as relevant today as it was when the first copy rolled off the press! Thanks Pam and Bill."
Kendra Smiley, conference speaker and author of Journey of a Strong-Willed Child and Live Free

"Bill and Pam Farrel have a true desire to see marriages strong and flourishing. They have been an inspiration to many in our community and around the world as they bring wisdom into dissecting the issues of how men and women think, what they say, and what makes them do what they do. Whether you are married or single, you will gain great insight from their book, Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti. Congratulations, Pam and Bill, for your steadfastness on what God has called you to do. You both do it with excellence."
Rick and Colleen Monroe, publishers of Abiding Media Group Inc and Good News, etc. newspaper

"Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghettihas been a staple for couples from the day it hit the shelves. With their wit and wisdom, Bill and Pam Farrel have helped couples embrace their differences, learn to laugh at their challenges, and enjoy their relationship. A powerful study for groups as well as for couples of all ages and stages of their marriage journey. Thank you, Bill and Pam, for you relentless pursuit to fulfill God's call on your lives. I am a life that was changed!"
Stephanie Shott, author, speaker, and founder of The MOM Initiative

"Bill and Pam must have been spying on us, because we saw ourselves in the pages of this book! It was so good to know that we're not each as weird and dysfunctional as we were tempted to think. Reading through this book together has given us more understanding and patience with each other in every area of our relationship. It is jam-packed full of wisdom and practical advice for staying connected and keeping our romance alive. Bill and Pam have pinpointed our diversities as man and woman, only obvious in hindsight, and educated us so well on how to use those things to work for us and not against usand they've done so in a light and playful way. It is clear why this book has impacted so many couples over the years. Add us to the long and growing list!"
Danielle Macaulay and Dan Macaulay, Canadian worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist.

"Bill and Pam Farrel live what they teach. The communication and relationship skills they share in Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti have been practiced and proven in their own marriage, family, and other relationships. Their practical concepts are based on God's Word and the real physical differences between men and women. They've found the secret to successful relationships and freely share it with us!"
Kathy Howard, Christian speaker and author of seven books and Bible studies including Unshakeable Faith and Lavish Grace

"You were designed to love your marriae and promote phenomenal love to the world around you! I can't recommend anyone more than Bill and Pam Farrell to offer practical tools, strategic keys, and serious help for families to find hope and solutions. Laughter, energy, and dynamic principles are oozing out of this couple wherever they go and whatever they do! As you read Men Are Like Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti, look forward to having those moments of revelation where the light turns on and you fall in in love with your spouse all over again."
Audrey and Bob Meisner, cofounders of Love Married Life and bestselling authors of Marriage Under Cover

"Bill and Pam Farrel are one of the most intentional couples we know! They faithfully pursue God and each other. Whether writing, speaking, or mentoring, they live their message, and as a result, they are leaving a godly legacy worldwide."
Steve Harling, president of Reach Beyond, international speaker, and the author of How to Listen So People Will Talk and Becky Harling

"Pam and Bill Farrel are as different as waffles and spaghetti, and they've let God use their individual gifts and mutual love for each other, Jesus, and God's Word to minister to couples that marriage is a sacred adventure."
Janet Thompson, founder of Woman to Woman Mentoring and author of Dear God, He's Home

"The Farrel's Waffles & Spaghetti book is a must read for any couple wanting to better understand each other's differences. Since the first time we read it, we have seen the truth of these relational similes emerge over and over in our marriage through all kinds of situations. This book is a recipe for success!"
Robert and Pamela Crosby, authors of The Will of a Man & the Way of a Woman

"Bill and Pam Farrel answer the unspoken question every married person wonders at least occasionally: Why did he/she do that? This book isn't just theory; it contains wisdom from two people who've done marriage right. Their wisdom and insight will help you do marriage right, too. Give yourself the gift of reading this book. You'll never look at marriage, or your spouse, the same way again."
JP Jones, senior pastor of Crossline Community Church and author of Facing Goliath and Donna Jones, national speaker and author of Seek

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