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Our Table

Our Table

by Peter H. Reynolds

Unabridged — 10 minutes

Peter H. Reynolds

Audiobook (Digital)

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Creative visionary of The Word Collector, Happy Dreamer, and The Dot, #1 New York Times bestseller Peter H. Reynoldscreates a tender, lyrical story of multigenerational love, tradition, and family coming together with gratitude and thanks.

Celebrated, bestselling creator Peter H. Reynolds brings his signature touch of love and kindness to this special, timely story, as families now, more than ever, are rediscovering and reevaluating what means the most: time together with one another.Violet longs for the time when her family was connected: before life, distractions, and technology pulled them all away from eachother. They used to gather at the table, with food and love, to make memories, share their lives, and revel in time spent together.But now her family has been drifting apart, and with nobody to gather around it, the table grows smaller and smaller.Can Violet remind her family of the warmth of time spent together, and gather around the table once more?A mystical fable that feels at once timeless and utterly of the present moment, Our Table is renowned, bestselling creator Peter H.Reynolds at his best. An ode to traditions that unite families, Our Table brings listeners together witha universal message of gratitude.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly


In Reynolds’s characteristic ink-and-watercolor spreads, Violet, a brown-skinned girl with springy purple hair, mourns that the dining room table is no longer where her family congregates. Cheery, full-color scenes of the past shift to present-day monochromatic, purple-washed vignettes showing Violet’s parents and older brother now individually absorbed in their respective screens; the story takes a parable turn as Violet’s beloved table literally shrinks until it disappears. But the child isn’t going to take this sitting down: she smartly enlists family members in building a new table, meeting each where they are (“She asked her father to watch/ a show about carpentry together./ And they did”), and the drawings return to full color as the family joyfully gathers ’round again. An apropos reminder, especially pertinent for the holidays, of connections maintained through physical proximity. Ages 4–8. (Oct.)

From the Publisher

Praise for Our Table:

An Amazon Best Children's Book of 2021

* "In Reynolds’ established tradition, this story is simple and full of heart, celebrating the wonder and possibility of being human and being in relationship... Sweet and timely for today’s families." — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* “You can read this picture book as a parable for our times, when electronic devices that supposedly connect people actually isolate them. Reynolds tells the story simply and illustrates it expressively… A reminder of what really matters.” — Booklist, starred review

Praise for Be You!:

"An inspirational picture book offers life advice for readers who want to be themselves... this book is a gorgeous guidebook for those seeking encouragement while encountering life's challenges... What is remarkable about the book is that even though the instructions and the brief sentences explaining them are at times vague, the illustrations expand on them in ways readers will find endearing and uplifting... Both beautiful and inspiring as graduation gift or guide to life." — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Say Something!:

"A motivational must-have for every collection." — School Library Journal

"In this new effort, Reynolds shows readers a variety of ways a voice can be used, listened to, and heard to make a difference... Reynolds' hand-lettered text, set in white text bubbles against a mix of bright backdrop colors and patterns, deftly works with before-and-after illustrations to show the change that children can effect. This book's encouragement to kids to find their voices can also be used to start a conversation about how they can make a difference in their world." — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Word Collector:

"Peter H. Reynolds always manages to walk a delicate line with his books — make that a couple lines: weighty but not weighed down. Universal yet kid-centric. No easy feat." — Travis Jonker, School Library Journal

"Capture[s] the beauty of words and the wonder of sharing them with others... enchanting." — Kirkus Reviews

"Packs a powerful punch... capture[s] both the joy of learning and the power of kindness." — School Library Journal

Praise for Happy Dreamer:

"The message of acceptance and patience comes through clearly, and the exhortation to 'carve your own path' and 'show the world who you are' will be appreciated by anyone who has ever felt misunderstood." — Booklist

"Celebrates individuality, self-expression, and the joys of being a dreamer... a liberating validation of dreaming as restorative, comforting, and powerful, while giving kids full license to be themselves." — Publishers Weekly

"A sweet gift to praise spirited individuality, this choice encourages readers to dream big. Let those sparkles fly!" — Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Ish:

* "Ish... encourages readers to see the world anew." — School Library Journal, starred review

Praise for The Dot:

* "Simplicity itself, like the dot in the title, this small book carries a big message." — Booklist, starred review

* "In this engaging, inspiring tale, Reynolds (illustrator of the Judy Moody series) demonstrates the power of a little encouragement... Reynolds pulls off exactly what his young heroine does, creating an impressive work from deceptively simple beginnings." — Publishers Weekly, starred review

* "With art that seems perfectly suited to the mood and the message of the text, Reynolds inspires with a gentle and generous mantra: 'Just make a mark.'" — School Library Journal, starred review

"It may speak to formerly artistic young readers who are selling their own abilities short." — Kirkus Reviews

School Library Journal


K-Gr 3—Violet, a small Black girl with natural curls, reminisces about a table and how her family used it. There was the gathering of food stuffs brought to the table, and then the preparations, from setting the table to cooking meals and lighting candles, and then then the meal itself. These memories appear in full color, while scenes of Violet's present state, mourning those moments, are colored purple. She often finds herself at the table alone, for her family members have "new" places to be. The melancholy of this household grows worse: the brother plays games on his device, with friends Violet cannot see, the mother is perched in a stairwell, texting silently over her phone, and Violet's father is just as immersed in watching a gigantic TV. The table grows literally smaller, till it belongs more in a doll's house than a dining room. Then it vanishes. How Violet involves her family in real life, rallying them one by one, is a study in collaboration, ingenuity, practical measures, and how to sow the seeds of communion. VERDICT Simple, sweet, charming, and uplifting, this book takes an understated rebuke of screen time and transforms it into a child-sized lesson of love.—Kimberly Olson Fakih, School Library Journal

Kirkus Reviews

★ 2021-07-14
A youngest child misses sitting around the table with her now-busy family, then finds a way to restore their time together.

Violet remembers the table “fondly.” Memories were made making meals, preparing the table, and sitting together telling stories. Now, her family is busy, and Violet finds herself alone at the table. Her father sits in front of a big screen. Her mother chats on a small screen. Her brother plays games with friends on a medium-sized screen. One day, Violet notices that the table is smaller than it used to be. The next day, it is smaller still. When the table disappears altogether, Violet knows what she must do to restore balance to her family. In Reynolds’ established tradition, this story is simple and full of heart, celebrating the wonder and possibility of being human and being in relationship. While the tale holds heavy moments of loneliness and disconnection, the characters are memorably good-natured, and the family rallies quite easily around the important cause when Violet shows the way. Room is left for readers to think, with plenty of white space surrounding the text and the monochromatic purple-shaded sketches that dominate the story. Vivid memories, both old and new in the making, bring feeling in full color. Violet’s family is Black with puffy purple hair.

Sweet and timely for today’s families. (Picture book. 3-8)

Product Details

BN ID: 2940173308030
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 06/19/2022
Edition description: Unabridged
Age Range: Up to 4 Years

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