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Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Love

Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Love


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Drawn from the many books, writings, and interviews by Richard Rohr, one of the most popular spiritual writers today, this collections introduces many of the teachings for which he has become known, all organized around the central theme of Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781626982697
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Series: Modern Spiritual Masters Series
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 709,363
Product dimensions: 5.37(w) x 8.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Joelle Chase and Judy Traeger edit Richard Rohr's Daily Meditations, a free email from the Center for Action and Contemplation (cac.org).

Table of Contents

Timeline of Significant Events in Richard Rohr's Life xiii

Sources and Acknowledgments xv

Introduction 1

Back to the Basics 1

The Prophetic Tradition 3

Love Grounded in Trinity 5

Growing in Love 6

1 1943-1957: Love Is The Foundation Of Everything 12

The Most Essential Teaching 12

Building the Container 14

Unconditional and Conditional Love 15

The Core Is Good 16

Chosen 17

The Face of the Other 19

Incarnational Mysticism 20

God Is Not "Out There" 20

Lover of All 21

Conditional Love 22

Creative Continuation 23

Alone with the Presence 24

Loving the Presence in the Present 25

Finding God in Nature 26

Infinite Presence, infinite Love 26

Created to Love 27

The Soul of All Things 28

Nature Reflects God's Goodness 30

Mirroring 31

Big Love 32

The Foundation Is Always Love 33

What You Seek Is What You Are 34

The Hidden Secret 35

Love Is Who You Are 36

The Importance of Good Theology 37

A Relational Universe 39

The Power of Love 40

2 1957-1985: We Love God By Loving Others 42

Franciscan Education 42

Intimacy Is Self-Disclosure 43

The Pre-Vatican II God 44

Mercy before Judgment 45

Thinking without Thinking 47

Paradox and Mercy 48

Novitiate: Discovering Grace 49

The Law and Grace 51

The Soul's Objective Union with God 53

Spirituality of imperfection 55

Receiving Mercy 55

Perfection: A Self-Defeating Path 56

Love Shows Itself as Mercy 58

Awakening to Mercy 59

God Is the Initiator 61

A Beautiful Boot Camp 62

Integrating Human and Divine Love 62

The Magic and Mystery of Intimacy 63

Teilhard's Influence 64

The Shape of the Universe Is Love 65

Keeping God and People Free 66

Incarnation Instead of Atonement 66

Drawn Inexorably toward Love 68

The Purpose of the Law 70

You Are the "Imago Dei" 71

The Second Vatican Council 73

The View from the Bottom 74

Education in Philosophy and Scripture 76

Scripture as God's Self-Disclosure 77

Retributive justice and Restorative Justice in the Scriptures 77

A Toxic Image of God 80

Love Is the Horse, Morality the Cart 82

Implanted Desire 82

Reading Scripture with the Mind of Christ 84

Thinking Outside the Box 85

Learning to See 87

We Are All One in Love 88

The Holy Spirit 89

God's Spirit Is Universal and Inherent 90

The Birth of the New Jerusalem Community 92

You Belong 94

The Sacrament of the Present Moment 95

The Good News 96

God Is Eternally Giving Away God 97

The Movement Grows 98

My Hope and My Vocation 99

A New Experience 99

Community Life 101

Community as the Body of Christ 102

Embodiment 103

Community as Alternative Consciousness 104

The Meaning of Community 106

Nine Faces of Love 107

Knowing Ourselves 108

Reality as Paradox 109

Type One: The Need to Be Perfect 110

Experiences in Healing 112

The Loving Inner Witness 113

The Beginning of the End 114

A Learning Experience 115

Different and United 116

The Delight of Diversity 116

From Disconnection to Connection 118

A School of Relationship 119

Lessons for the Ego 120

Unworkable Programs for Happiness 122

Already in Union 122

Speaking Truth to Power 124

Ahimsa: Love Is Your Nature 125

A Nonviolent Gospel 126

Jesus Reveals the Lie of Scapegoating 128

Ending the Cycle of Violence 129

Growing Up 131

Change as a Catalyst for Transformation 132

A Contemplative Year 133

Loving as Mirror and Mask 134

Discernment 141

Love God and Do What You Want 141

Discerning God's Spirit at Work in Us 142

Lay Leadership 143

End of an Era 143

3 1985-2000: We Love God By Loving Our Self 144

Moving On: The Second Half of Life 144

Falling in Love 145

My Own Doubts 147

Incomplete Relationships 148

The Challenge and Opportunity in Marriage 149

Living the Contradictions 150

Recognizing Our Need for Mercy 151

Founding the Center for Action and Contemplation 152

The Contemplative Mind 153

Alternative Consciousness 155

Becoming Pure in Heart 157

Face to Face Knowing 158

Love in Action 159

Leading Strings of Love 160

The Meaning of Spiritual Love 162

Love Alone 163

Human Development in Scripture 164

Love Is Not a Straight Line 165

The Weeds and the Wheat 166

God Sees in Wholes, We See in Parts 167

Twelve-Step Spirituality 169

Ministry as Jail Chaplain 171

Overcoming Contradictions 172

Following Jesus 173

Facing Death 174

The Two Hands of God 175

Two Paths of Transformation 176

Solidarity with Suffering 178

A Bias from the Bottom 179

Changing Sides 180

Seeking God's Will 181

Learning How to Love 182

The Positive in the Negative 184

Our Holiness Is God's Holiness 186

Everything Is Grace 187

Cleaning the Lens 189

The Indwelling Presence 190

A Bottomless Well 191

4 2000-Present: We Love God By Loving Everything 193

Growth in Spirit 193

Fourth and Walnut 194

Five Points, Sunset, and Bridge 195

God Comes Disguised as Our Life 196

Masculine Spirituality 197

Passing from Death to Life Now 198

Being in Love vs. Loving 200

Divine Love 201

Intimacy 202

Thisness 203

Loving the "Other" 204

Yes Must Precede No 205

How You Love Anything Is How You Love Everything 206

Freedom on the Edge of the Inside 207

Where You Can't Be Bought Off 208

A New Reformation 209

The Greatest Commandments 211

Seeing Truly 213

Birth of the Living School 214

Universal Union 215

The Principle of Likeness 218

A Bigger Ocean 221

If It Is True, It Is True Everywhere 221

Oneing 223

Seeing with God's Eyes 224

Everything Belongs 225

Love Is Stronger than Death 227

Venus 228

Which Venus? 228

Someone to Love 228

Pure Consciousness 229

The Divine Gaze 231

Living before You Die 232

Therese of Lisieux and the Butterfly 233

Seeing the Divine Image 236

Love God in What Is Right in Front of You 237

Increasing Love in the World 238

The Third Way 239

Transforming Our Pain 241

Grace Is Key 242

Things Learned While Recuperating 244

Contemplation AND Action 247

Turning toward the Good 248

Heaven and Hell 250

Divinization 251

The Four Loves 254

Love Never Fails 255

To God Be the Glory 257

Trust God Is Loving in Spite of You 258

Appendix: The Enneagram 260

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