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The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller

The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller

by Donna-Claire Chesman
The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller

The Book of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller

by Donna-Claire Chesman


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An album-by-album celebration of the life and music of Mac Miller through oral histories, intimate reflections, and critical examinations of his enduring work.

“One of my most vivid memories of him is the way he would look at you while he was playing you a song. He tried to look you right in the eyes to see how you were feeling about it.” —Will Kalson, friend and first manager

Following Mac Miller’s tragic passing in 2018, Donna-Claire Chesman dedicated a year to chronicling his work through the unique lens of her relationship to the music and Mac’s singular relationship to his fans. Like many who’d been following him since he’d started releasing mixtapes at eighteen years old, she felt as if she’d come of age alongside the rapidly evolving artist, with his music being crucial to her personal development.

“I want people to remember his humanity as they’re listening to the music, to realize how much bravery and courage it takes to be that honest, be that self-aware, and be that real about things going on internally. He let us witness that entire journey. He never hid that.” —Kehlani, friend and musician.

The project evolved to include intimate interviews with many of Mac’s closest friends and collaborators, from his Most Dope Family in Pittsburgh to the producers and musicians who assisted him in making his everlasting music, including Big Jerm, Rex Arrow, Wiz Khalifa, Benjy Grinberg, Just Blaze, Josh Berg, Syd, Thundercat, and more. These voices, along with the author’s commentary, provide a vivid and poignant portrait of this astonishing artist—one who had just released a series of increasingly complex albums, demonstrating what a musical force he was and how heartbreaking it was to lose him.

“As I’m reading the lyrics, it’s crazy. It’s him telling us that he hopes we can always respect him. I feel like this is a message from him, spiritually. A lot of the time, his music was like little letters and messages to his friends, family, and people he loved, to remind them of who he really was.” —Quentin Cuff, best friend and tour manager.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781637580684
Publisher: Permuted Press
Publication date: 10/26/2021
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 70,323
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 6.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Donna-Claire Chesman is a music writer with a deep passion for hip-hop, her pet parrot, and Mac Miller. Currently residing in Philadelphia, Chesman is the Editorial Director of Audiomack by day, and spends her evenings reading with her pet cats.

Table of Contents

Cast of Characters vi

Introduction ix

2010: K.I.D.S. 1

2011: Best Day Ever 45

2011: Blue Slide Park 69

2012: Macadelic 89

2013: Watching Movies with the Sound Off 119

2014: Faces 151

2015: GO:OD AM 173

2016: The Divine Feminine 197

2018: Swimming 211

2020: Circles 227

Remembering Mac Miller 243

Song Permissions 253

Acknowledgments 270

The Mac Miller Fund 271

About the Author 273

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