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The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation


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What if changing our perception of God has the potential to change everything?

God is not what you think. Visions of an angry, distant, moral scorekeeper or a supernatural Santa Claus handing out cosmic lottery tickets to those who attend the right church or say the right prayer dominate our culture. For many others, God has become irrelevant or simply unbelievable.

In The Divine Dance, Fr. Richard Rohr (with Mike Morrell) points readers to an unlikely opening beyond this divinity impasse: the at-times forgotten, ancient mystery of the Trinity—God as utterly one, yet three.

Drawing from Scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history, Fr. Rohr presents a compelling alternative to aloof and fairytale versions of God:

One God, belovedly in communion, as All-Vulnerable, All-Embracing, and All-Given to you and me.

The Divine Dance makes accessible and practicable the Christian tradition's most surprising gift...

God as Community...as Friendship...as Dance.

Are you ready to join in?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641234269
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 03/10/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 102,933
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

Fr. Richard Rohr is a globally recognized teacher and the author of numerous books, including Everything Belongs, The Naked Now, Breathing Under Water, Falling Upward, and Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi. A Franciscan priest, he is the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC.org) and is Academic Dean of the Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fr. Richard’s teaching is grounded in Franciscan practices of contemplation and self-emptying, expressing themselves in radical compassion, particularly for the socially marginalized.
Mike Morrell is the Communications Director for the Integral Theology think tank Presence International, cofounder of The Buzz Seminar, and a founding organizer of the justice, arts, and spirituality Wild Goose Festival. He is also a futurist, an avid writer, freelance journalist, author coach, publishing consultant, and the curator of the book-reviewing community at TheSpeakeasy.info. You can read his ongoing exploration of Spirit, Culture, and Permaculture at MikeMorrell.org. Mike lives with his wife and two daughters in North Carolina.


Table of Contents

Foreword William Paul Young 19

Introduction: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast 25

Trinity; MIA 26

A Space at God's Table 28

A (W)hole in God 30

Part I Wanted: A Trinitarian Revolution

Spiritual Paradigm Shift 35

Dusting Off a Daring Doctrine 40

Math Problems 42

The Relationship Is the Vehicle 44

Metaphors Be with You! 47

A Mirrored Universe 49

Vulnerability 57

Weak Wisdom 59

The Delight of Diversity 61

The World in a Word 64

Reshaping Our Image 66

Atomic Bonds 68

Creator and Destroyer of Worlds 70

Aristotle and Boethius: The Price of an Invading Noun 74

Scotus and Merton: Time to Re-verb 75

The Perfect Freedom of God 76

Creative Continuation 78

Paradigms Lost 79

Distinct Union 83

Tide Boxes at Kmart 86

Loving All the Wrong People 88

Emptiness Alone Is Prepared for Fullness 90

The Space Between 91

How the Law of Three Changes Everything 92

Is the Trinity a Boy or a Girl? 94

The Power of Concentric Circles 95

Richard of St. Victor and the Joy Supreme 98

The Paradox of Restlessness and Contentment 102

Body-Based Knowing 104

The Many Belong in the One 108

Accessing the Divine Force Field 111

Always Creating Otherness 113

Next 117

Part II Why the Trinity? Why Now?

Three Reasons for Recovery 121

What Holds Us Back from Genuine Spiritual Experience? 122

Two Ways to Break Through 124

Suffering's Surprising Sustenance 127

At-One-Ment 131

What About the Wrath of God? 136

Expanding Our Horizons 140

Silence: Father 142

The Living Manifestation: The Christ 145

The Dynamism Within and Between: Holy Spirit 146

TDD-Trinity Deficit Disorder 147

Absentee Father 148

Son: Have You Seen Me? 149

The Relentless Drive of the Spirit 150

Inside-Out Prayer 151

Primal Prayer 154

Transcendence Deficit Disorder 155

Interfaith Friendship 157

Do We Have to Talk About Sin? 160

Entering By Another Door 161

Being There 163

An Amazing Chain of Being 164

Trinity in Eternity Past 164

The Wildest Wave Alive 167

Real Presence 169

Being and Becoming 169

Essential Ecstasy 170

Too Good to Be True? 172

The Incarnation Is the Gospel 174

Bleeding and Forbearing 176

The Great Attractor 179

Part III The Holy Spirit

Wholly Reconciling 185

The Divine Energy 186

Everything Is Holy Now 189

Acknowledgments 195

Appendix; Experiencing the Trinity: Seven Practices 199

About the Authors 219

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