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The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide

The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide

The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide

The Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide


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The Rogue Mage Roleplaying Game Player's Handbook gave players all they needed to create characters to fight the fallen seraphs and their devil-spawn, adventuring in the world of Faith Hunter's apocalyptic fantasy trilogy: Bloodring, Seraphs, and Host.

Now the Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide gives the GM all the dragons, devil-spawn, conjure-casting Dark mages, gun-toting bandits, and branding-iron-wielding religious fanatics he needs to create challenging adventures for the heroes.

The 200-page Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide features:

-complete writeups of Azazel the Aqua Dragon and Forcas from the Rogue Mage novels, as well as other, new dragons and Dark powers to challenge heroes and seraphs alike.

-every monster from the novels: dragonets, devil-spawn, succubi, nightwalkers, daywalkers - plus new menaces to surprise even the best-read of players.

-writeups for major and minor seraphs, ravens, flames, cherubs, Cheriour theAngel of Punishment, Raziel the Revealer of Rock, Zadkiel the Chieftain of Michael - allies for the heroes, or adversaries in certain circumstances.

-rules for seraph steel, demon iron, seraphic visas, and the use of seraph feathers, bones, and other artifacts in combat and conjuring.

-complete stats and histories for Thorn and Rose St. Croix, Audric Cooper, Ciana and Rupert Stanhope, Thaddeus Bartholomew, Cheran Jones, Lolo, the watcher Barak and other characters from the Rogue Mage novels.

-every type of "normal" person you could expect to find: deadminers, Orthodox kirkmen, soldiers, Administration of the ArchSeraph enforcers, Enclave mages, Realm of Light kylen, bandits, Earth Invasion Heresy spies.

-a guide to the wildlife of post-Apocalyptic North America, from mutant alligators to bison-hunting dire wolves.

-extensive advice to the Game Master on creating a campaign, designing and running adventures, rewarding the heroes, dealing with problems, and taking the players characters to the next power level.

-a complete introductory adventure, with a set of fully-detailed characters ready for the players to use straight out of the book.

-And each chapter features a Rogue Mage vignette by Faith Hunter, plus the Rogue Mage RPG Game Master's Guide ends with a complete new Thorn St. Croix short story.

Every hero needs a dragon to fight. We got the originals right here, hungry as Hell.

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ISBN-13: 9781622680917
Publisher: Bella Rosa Books
Publication date: 12/01/2014
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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