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The Woman in Red

The Woman in Red

by Diana Giovinazzo

Narrated by Edita Brychta

Unabridged — 12 hours, 28 minutes

Diana Giovinazzo
The Woman in Red

The Woman in Red

by Diana Giovinazzo

Narrated by Edita Brychta

Unabridged — 12 hours, 28 minutes

Diana Giovinazzo

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Experience the "epic tale of one woman's fight . . . to create the life of her dreams" in this sweeping novel of Anita Garibaldi, a 19th century Brazilian revolutionary who loved as fiercely as she fought for freedom (Adriana Trigiani).

Destiny toys with us all, but Anita Garibaldi is a force to be reckoned with. Forced into marriage at a young age, Anita feels trapped in a union she does not want. But when she meets the leader of the Brazilian resistance, Giuseppe Garibaldi, in 1839, everything changes.

Swept into a passionate affair with the idolized mercenary, Anita's life is suddenly consumed by the plight to liberate Southern Brazil from Portugal¿a struggle that would cost thousands of lives and span almost ten bloody years. Little did she know that this first taste of revolution would lead her to cross oceans, traverse continents, and alter the course of her entire life¿and the world.

At once an exhilarating adventure and an unforgettable love story, The Woman in Red is a sweeping, illuminating tale of the feminist icon who became one of the most revered historical figures of South America and Italy.

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Giovinazzo’s captivating debut tells the story of Anna Garibaldi, the magnetic Brazilian woman who married Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. In Brazil, 1835, 14-year-old Anna de Jesus is forced to marry Manoel Duarte. After several years of marriage, she leaves him and moves back to her mother’s home. When Giuseppe Garibaldi arrives in Brazil to lead men in battle against imperial forces, Anna meets him at a friend’s house, whose husband works in the government. She is immediately smitten, and her mother’s disdain for their affair leads Anna to join Giuseppe as he leaves the country. Though she is technically still married to Manoel, she and Giuseppe are married by a priest and live as man and wife in Uruguay. The couple travels to Italy, where Giuseppe fights to unify the country. Anna’s determination to follow him into battle never falters even when she is pregnant and endures danger to travel to his camp upon learning he is ill. Giovinazzo adds realistic details to the fast-paced narrative. The novel’s focus on a strong woman who defied the odds to follow her heart will appeal to fans of historical fiction. Agent: Johanna Castillo, Writers House. (Aug.)

From the Publisher

"The Woman in Red is an epic tale of one woman's fight to take control of her circumstances to create the life of her dreams. Anita Garibaldi is a modern woman in the 19th century who led with her heart despite circumstances so dire, most mortals would give up. Her passionate affair with Giuseppe Garibaldi freed her from a provincial life into one of passion, danger and purpose. Ms. Giovinazzo has crafted a spectacular story in this stunning debut."—Adriana Trigiani, New York Times bestselling author of Tony's Wife

"Anita Garibaldi, one of the greatest unsung heroines in history, comes to passionate life in Diana Giovinazzo's searing debut novel, The Woman in Red. Brazilian revolutionary, gaucho, and partner-in-arms to her husband, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Anita is a feminist icon to die for."—Mary Sharratt, author of Ecstasy and Illuminations

"Diana Giovinazzo establishes herself as a worthy new voice in historical fiction with this irresistible tale of Anita Garibaldi: firebrand, lover, soldier, mother, revolutionary. Garibaldi isn't just fierce, she's ferocious. Her unstoppable energy propels this novel forward through tragedy and triumph, soaring all the way."—Greer Macallister, bestselling author of The Magician's Lie and Woman 99

"Anita Garibaldi is exactly the kind of courageous woman whose astonishing story of defiance and dedication — to freedom and to her passions — I've been craving. Told in her bold and unflinching voice, The Woman in Red by Diana Giovinazzo brings this brazen, complex woman — and the man she fought beside — vividly to life."—Erin Lindsay McCabe, USA Today bestselling author of I Shall Be Near To You

"Captivating . . . Giovinazzo adds realistic details to the fast-paced narrative. The novel's focus on a strong woman who defied the odds to follow her heart will appeal to fans of historical fiction."—Publishers Weekly

"A great swashbuckler . . . Epic in scope, adventurous in nature, dreamily romantic, and occasionally a nail biter, this is the story of a passionate love affair, a feminist before feminism's time, history as it happened in three countries, triumph, and tragedy."—New York Journal of Books

"Giovinazzo gives the reader a fascinating look at 19th-century South America and its culture, where machismo prohibited women from any meaningful role or status in society. It's Anita Garibaldi's fight against those prohibitions that make her such an inspirational character . . . The Woman in Red is a finely crafted, exciting page-turner and is highly recommended for readers interested in learning about strong and empowered women."—Historical Novel Society

"Giovinazzo deftly brings Anita and her story to life in this sweeping saga . . . Entertaining and educational, as well as a wonderful way for readers to meet a lesser-known historical figure whose own life story could very well help influence their own by encouraging others to dig deep within to find courage and bravery."—Ovunque Siamo

"Drenched in sensual detail and sparkling with sensual dialogue. . . A mesmerizing, marvelous look into the life of an unsung heroine, the story will appeal to all who refuse to resign themselves to fate."—Ambassador Magazine

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BN ID: 2940172544897
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Publication date: 08/04/2020
Edition description: Unabridged

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