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True Crime Story: A Novel

True Crime Story: A Novel

by Joseph Knox
True Crime Story: A Novel

True Crime Story: A Novel

by Joseph Knox

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Notes From Your Bookseller

In True Crime Story, the author, Joseph Knox is also a character — named Joseph Knox. Presented documentary style, this is storytelling informed heavily by true crime podcasts such as Serial. Rashomon-like perspective keeps us racing as each character tells their version of the story. The last 10 pages will put you through your paces trying to piece everyone’s story back together. The inventive narrative device underlines the premise: Whose story are we all telling? Who owns their own narrative? And, is this a true story?

"Cleverly blending the real and imagined worlds until the reader can't differentiate the two, Knox has created a twisty, turny thriller that cuts through the heart of the modern true crime fascination, all while keeping us enraptured by it."—BuzzFeed


For fans of true crime documentaries comes the chilling story of a university student's sudden disappearance, the woman who became obsessed with her case, and the crime writer who uncovered the truth about what happened...

What happens to all the girls who go missing?

In 2011, Zoe Nolan walked out of her dormitory in Manchester and was never seen or heard from again. Her case went cold. Her story was sad, certainly, but hardly sensational, crime writer Joseph Knox thought. He wouldn't have given her any more thought were it not for his friend, Evelyn Mitchell. Another writer struggling to come up with a new idea, Evelyn was wondering just what happens to all the girls who go missing. What happens to the Zoe Nolans of the world?

Evelyn began investigating herself, interviewing Zoe's family and friends, and emailing Joseph with chapters of the book she was writing with her findings. Uneasy with the corkscrew twists and turns, Joseph Knox embedded himself in the case, ultimately discovering a truth more tragic and shocking than he could have possibly imagined...

Just remember: Everything you read is fiction.

Praise for True Crime Story:

"Stunningly unique...For fans of stories with a little something extra, this book is set up like an oral history, complete with emails, newspaper clippings and photos that propel the story all the way to a shocking and satisfying conclusion."


"Mr. Knox is a fantastic writer. His ambitious fourth novel satirises and celebrates the true-crime genre with glee. True Crime Story, by turns horrific and hilarious, is scandalously entertaining."

The Times (UK)

"The gifted Joseph Knox continues his upwards trajectory with True Crime Story forging something original and innovative."

Financial Times (UK)

"This is one of the most engaging cold-case novels I have read."

Literary Review (UK)

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ISBN-13: 9781728245874
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 12/07/2021
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Format: NOOK Book
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